How to Get Ready for a Retro Theme Party

Do you love colors, different striking materials and combinations? We have good news for you.

Retro is back in fashion

The eighties were the period when the wide bulky sleeves, neon colors, tight jeans, black velvet, leather jackets and ruffles became popular as well.

Today, many designers find their inspiration in the 1980s, so you’ll have a great choice if you adore the period. Even if you are not a fan, we guarantee that you will fall in love with some pieces.

If you love retro hits and go to retro parties then you should look like that. Time to bring your original and unusual retro style to a whole new level.

The most beautiful part of the party is actually the euphoria of getting ready, especially if it’s a very important party or if it’s a gala event you’ve been waiting for. So, equip your wardrobe with the following pieces on time, which have a retro note of the eighties and so with minimal effort and without fuss, be noticed at every party.

These details will help you!

Fluffy Sleeve Top – We start with a striking piece of the 80s, of course. This can make you really striking wherever you appear and yet on the other hand quite elegant. And no, these sleeves won’t stretch you or make you look thicker.

A model like this can only highlight your waistline, which will look smaller.

Fluffy Sleeveless Mini Dress – When you don’t want to think about combining but want to choose just one piece for a really important party, then we definitely advise a puffy sleeveless mini dress.
These dresses are a hit right now. The effect of the mini dress is immeasurable and probably after the party everyone will talk about your appearance.

Huge earrings – Never forget about accessories. Huge striking earrings say that fashion is back. These can be classic gold larger alcoves.

You probably already have some in your jewelry box, just search for it a little and return it to the big door.

Velvet purses – Elegant velvet is a must-have this season. Every woman should have one purse in her collection, because not only is it good for parties, but it can also be used on other occasions.

Of course, black is for all occasions, but try to get out of the box and choose some blue shade.

Indigo Jeans – Narrow indigo jeans can fit very well, and for example, some tops with larger and puffy sleeves will make you ready for the party of the year.

Jeans not only have to be reserved for everyday life, they can also serve you for major events and be sexy.

Hairband – If someone had told us a few years ago that hairbands would be so popular today, we probably wouldn’t have trusted him.

You can wear them with every combination, just choose the one that suits you best, and choose the more luxurious ones for parties.

The platform is a must have – First of all, your legs look great in them and you look slimmer.

Platforms are the most comfortable type of footwear, you’ll be more stable and able to dance until the early hours of the morning.

Oversized Jackets – At the same time, it can also serve as a dress and with that choice you will show that you know how to dress, that you are stylish.

Plush Dresses – Plush dresses are such a good choice when the colder months come and so make them your first choice if the party is indoors and you want to highlight the elegant line.

Colors, Colors, Colors – Retro style is also a striking, striking color. If you want to fully obey all the rules then be sure to enrich your wardrobe with striking shades such as bright blue, yellow, green, but also with subtle shades of pink, orange … Feel free to play around with your style and do not be afraid to combine these colors with one another.

We really like the effective blend of yellow and blue, but if it’s too much, combine one bright color with a lighter one. You will definitely be noticed.

What also sets you apart is good makeup.

The makeup style that suits every woman is certainly retro, just like the ladies of the ’50s and’ 60s. Starring stars and style icons such as Marilyn Monroe and Rita Hayworth were able to highlight their beauty even more with the challenging makeup style consisting of red lipstick and black eyeliner.

In recent years, designers and makeup artists have been increasingly inspired by past eras. During the 1920s, thin eyebrows, fine black stripes on the eyelids and dark lipstick appeared. And this was just the beginning!

As early as the 1950s, girls’ eyes became flirtatious with false eyelashes. Today, leading stylists dictate their rules for creating a retro girl image.

Let’s take a look at the tips of leading makeup artists on how to do retro make-up.

Pinup Makeup – Pinup girls were the unrealized dreams of many guys during that time. What is characteristic of them are the curlers and the ayliner. They clearly knew what they wanted on their face and made it clear.

Sexy, yet elusive. With a few tips, you will succeed.

Skin – Make sure you use a matte base to keep your face from shining and to make the lines of your lips and eyes look striking. The complexion is even, so you may want to put more concealer or base on some parts, but this will make your skin look velvety and clear. However, do not overdo it with the layers to avoid the counter-effect. Apply blush on cheeks, but not too much.

Eyes – Makeup on the eyes should be subtle but still, take the lead. It should be tailored to your complexion. You should clearly form your eyebrows so that they are not too thick, put on a lot of mascara (and maybe even artificial eyelashes), make the eyelid edge striking, or draw the eye lines with eyeliner to form a famous cat look. Put a neutral pen and mascara on your lower lashes. Maybelline can help because they offer a huge selection of mascara.

Arm yourself with nostalgia and use a shade of color that matches well with the colors of your hair.

Lips – Lips must be glamorous. The lipstick was a symbol of femininity and thus should be approached.

In pinup inspired styling, glamorous lipstick is a must. Of course, the world was then dominated by red. The fiery red is still considered sexy. It would not be a bad idea to accept this idea.

After all, if bright red is not your favorite, the range of red shades is really wide and you will definitely choose something for yourself.

If you have red hair, our suggestion is to match your hair with that of a lipstick. This trick will have a fantastic effect.


Remember to complement the look with pearls, a flower in the hair and an adequate retro hairstyle. There are various options ahead of you and you will surely be able to choose what works best for you.

We still think that retro style is the right choice for everyone and that it is a great way to make your event more interesting and cheerful.