How to Improve the Examination System in Pakistan

It is evident in this Era of Technology and growth that Education plays an essential role in the development of the United States of America and the whole nation. It would not be wrong if we classify the education sector as the cornerstone of the future progress of any nation. As Pakistan is an underdeveloped country, Education is exceptionally essential for its Children and youngsters as well.

We are watching that general of Education. ILM system in Pakistan is the worst of its sort and if it will no longer change, the economy of Pakistan will go down daily, and Pakistan would not become fully developed until the System and shape of Education are increased or altered.

Here we have come up with some recommendations for the improvement in the examination system of Pakistan for a better future because according to the Article of 25-A of the charter of Pakistan:

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Career Counseling:

Today most significant problem in Pakistan is the one where the student doesn’t understand what to do next in his life, so he goes to undirected route and fails in life. There need to be humans for profession counseling of kids and examination teachers so that they should get to know that what they have to do in the future. For more details check

These human beings must be appointed in each Govt. and personal sector. Parents should additionally understand what their child wants to do in life, and they have to impose their selections on children no longer. If a child wants to be a doctor, however parents strive to impose that he should emerge as an engineer or on occasion Child desires to come to be an Engineer. However, parents impose that he has to emerge as Doctor.

In such instances, the child loses his heart and stops challenging work and passion in his research and try to start cramming and at the end of the day, and he will become a failed person.

Change the system:

The government has to take precise steps to stop cramming system in schooling from Government as a rightly private quarter and put in force gadget of practical work. In this way, each pupil can obtain extra information through doing a lookup on that precise topic or subject, unlike “Ratta”(cramming) system as the place where the student has to memorize the whole thing for the short length of time which teacher offers him/her.

Equality and Quality in Syllabus:

We are going through many problems in our examination and educational system due to distinct guides on different boards and Provinces. At first, the Government has to implement a regular route and syllabus in all provinces and boards to make sure that everybody receives the same education.

Secondly, the Government has to order private as well as government schools to put in force one syllabus in classes. Plus there must be no double standards like implementing Oxford’s books in non-public sectors and Implementing Text Board’s books in Govt. sectors.

Training for Teachers:

The government needs to put into effect more critical requirements for choosing Teachers such as at least M. Phil teachers to make sure that they are teaching following some standards. At least one Teachers Training session need to be held every six months. They should be trained with some better methods to instructors for teaching. In this way, we can get more attention to the improvement of teaching methods and examination systems of Pakistan.