How to Make Carrot Juice in a Blender

We all like home-made fresh juices, they are rightly considered to have a unique taste and useful properties, but unfortunately, many of them can only be made in a certain season. However, you don’t have to stop taking fresh juices due to the lack of fruits in winter. For example, you can make fresh carrot drink all year round that your whole family will like regardless of age and taste preferences.

It is more convenient to prepare juices from solid vegetables in screw juice extractors. But these devices have a few disadvantages: they are expensive and have limited applicability. So carrot juice can be made in a blender that costs much less, and thanks to its functionality are already present in almost every kitchen. The best models of juice blenders are presented here.

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How to Choose Carrots for Making Juice

One may think you can use any carrots for making fresh juice. But it is not so! To make a tasty, concentrated drink with a maximum of useful properties, you have to pick out the right carrots. These simple tips will help you to make the correct choice.

Tip №1: Focus on The Color

The best fresh juice will turn out from beautiful bright-orange carrots. Such color won’t only make the drink delicious, but will also enrich it with the maximum amount of carotene. The brighter the color – the more useful properties the carrot contains.

Tip №2: Buy Only Ripe and Juicy Vegetables

Only ripe, juicy vegetables will be suitable for preparing the high-quality drink in large amounts (make sure also that the carrots are elastic).

Checking vegetable richness in easy – scratch carrot’s surface a little bit: if it is not dry, it will give juices.

Tip №3: Don’t Choose Large Vegetables

Bought carrots should not be significant. Large vegetables absorb nitrates more actively, so try to buy carrots weighing no more than 150 grams. Large carrots are okay only if you grew it yourself in your own vegetable patch.

How to Prepare Carrots for Making Juice

The first important step in carrot juice making is the preparation of its main ingredient. Regardless of how you will make juice: in a blender, with a greater or in a juicer – it is important to properly clean and peel the vegetable so as not to accidentally remove the part that contains the majority of useful elements.

So, carrot preparation includes the following steps:

Scrape off the top of the carrot with a knife. Do not cut off the peel, otherwise, you may remove the excess. We are talking about nutrients, primarily carotene, which are concentrated in carrots close to the surface.

  1. Wash scraped carrot in cold water.
  2. Scrub washed vegetable with an ordinary brush to remove the remains of dirt.
  3. Cut off carrot’s tip regardless whether it has leaves or not.
  4. Scrub the vegetable with a peeler to remove the remaining pesticides.

Carrot Juice Recipe in a Blender


  • Carrot — 2.2 pounds
  • Water — 0.1 gallon
  • Orange juice — 1.6 fl oz


  1. Prepare the carrots for chopping.
  2. Chop the scrubbed and washed vegetables into large bars. It is not recommended to use whole carrots as it can break the blender.
  3. Put chopped carrots in a blender and grind them to a puree. If your carrots are not very juicy, then add a little bit of water in the puree, it will help to simplify the grinding process.
  4. Mix the puree with 2 tablespoons of hot boiled water. Thoroughly mix the water with carrot puree. It is important that we get a watery homogeneous drink.
  5. Let fresh juice stay for 15-30 minutes. During this time, the drink will have time to gain flavors and vitamins, which we need to get a tasty healthy juice.
  6. Once the juice is infused, strain it through a sieve. If you are okay with having small particles of carrot pulp in a drink – strain the drink through an ordinary sieve. If you want to get a clean juice without any pulp, then strain the drink through a fine sieve.

The drink is ready. Just stir it with orange juice and a few drops of vegetable oil.