How to Plan the Perfect Lobster Picnic

Summer weather is here at last, so it’s time to take advantage. Nothing beats a meal of fresh summer foods in the sun, and one of the best ways to take advantage of lazy summer weekends is to pack a picnic to take to the park. You can make this year’s picnic season even more fun and enjoyable with a gourmet treat of fresh Atlantic hard-shelled lobster.

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How to Choose Picnic Foods

When you’re deciding what to bring on a summer picnic, the best plan is to find fresh foods that are in season. Any foods that are light and refreshing are also a great choice. Another criteria that’s important to keep in mind is to bring along a few gourmet items, especially if you’re taking that new, special person on a date in the park and you want to impress them. Again, here are three things to keep in mind when packing your picnic basket:

  • Food in Season
  • Refreshing and Light
  • Gourmet Specialty Treats

Lobster Makes a Great Picnic Choice

One food that covers each of these essential qualities at once is a dish of lobster meat, but will really only work when you but your meat as fresh as possible. Now that you can get the delicious hard-shelled variety delivered from companies like Lobster Anywhere to almost any location in the United States, it’s easy to plan your picnic no matter where you live!

Other Picnic Options

When you’re planning your picnic, there are two ways you can go regarding any other food options you might bring along: 1) foods that pair well with lobster and 2) traditional picnic foods. Anything that falls under both categories is a must, so here are some suggestions:

  • White Wine
  • Cold Potato Salad
  • Fresh Summer Fruit
  • Pie or Cake
  • Dark Gourmet Chocolate

Is It Okay to Eat Lobster Cold?

You might not be familiar with eating this delicacy cold but in those regions where it is fished and distributed for same day shipping across the country, it is actually a well-known tradition to ice your lobster immediately after cooking it and to serve it cold. One of the reasons is that it’s easier to do the shelling after it is cooled down.

While fresh is always better, if it is cooked properly, the meat will actually retain its delicious flavor for quite a while if kept cold. When it comes to eating fresh, it’s all about how fast it gets cooked after it’s taken from the ocean rather than how long before the cooked lobster meat is eaten.

Of course, everybody brushes up on their chef skills when they’re serving lobster. At the very least, you want to be sure you’re using the right method to boil them – don’t waste the meat by overcooking it or adding too much salt to the water before you boil it! Once, you’ve achieved that perfectly sweet and soft cooked meat – your recipe options from there are almost endless.