How to Promote YouTube Channel Free of Cost?

Founded in 2005, no one could ever imagine that in 15 years, YouTube would be behind Google the site with the highest number of visits in the world. People through it listen to music, inform themselves, and many other things, because the content can be as diverse as possible. It gave everyone the opportunity to become watched. You used to have to go to some famous TV station in primetime for everyone to hear about you, and now anyone can, if creative enough.

Profit is absolutely possible. Of course, it all depends on the success of your channel with the audience, but above all, keep in mind that serious work awaits you.

Creating content takes the most time, and when you upload a certain number of clips, you have another serious and difficult job to do, which is to promote your channel. Because it doesn’t matter to you if you have a hundred clips and no one watches them and you don’t have subscribers.

When it comes to advertising your clips, there are no specific guidelines. Everyone has their own way of planning to do this. However, we can give you some guidelines to get you started.

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Invite people to click on LIKE and SUBSCRIBE

Your channel advertising begins as you sync and edit your video for the YouTube channel. It may sound weird, but people need to be ordered some things. So at the beginning or end of each of your videos, invite them to click on LIKE and SUBSCRIBE.

It seems crazy, but it has an effect.

Just look at some other clips on YouTube. In almost everyone, YouTubers call their viewers for action, or rather like their video and click SUBSCRIBE. It is best to have it at the very end of the video, and do not hesitate to do it both at the beginning and at the end. Don’t just repeat a hundred times during the clip, as this can repel people.

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and other current social networks are the best way to promote anything and everything, and so does the YouTube channel.

You can create a page or profile, which will have the same name. You can also promote from your profile, and your friends can also share videos. Facebook, for example, has a lot of groups, both closed and open, where you can promote yourself. There are especially good groups for the promotion, which are in the beginning because the administrators of such groups allow any content. It is in their interest to have active members who will share and comment and you are free to advertise.


Despite the expansion of social networks, forums have not gone out of style. They are still gathering groups of like-minded people or people who have some problem or concern.

Forums are also a great place for what you need.

If you find a forum or topic that brings together other YouTubers, you can mutually support each other, subscribe to their channel, comment on clips of other YouTubers, and have them respond with the same action.

Sites and blogs

Sites and blogs are also a great place to promote your videos.

If you don’t have your own site, look for someone who would like to publish your clip in one of their articles. If the site has already been developed, it may be that you will be asked to pay. In general, if a site is visited and worth paying for, just be careful who you make the deal with, since fraud is always possible.

It may be that the clip is free of charge, especially if the site is in its infancy, so it is appropriate for the owner to have as much content as possible. You may be asked to just write an article to insert your clip. The site owner has free and quality content and you have a free promotion of your clip.

Here are some more tips to help you increase your video viewership, not just marketing …

Video content

First thing you shoud think about is content. If this is content that people will want to watch because they will learn something from it, have fun, then these video optimization tips will help you gain more viewership. It’s best to start with some of the following topics: “How to ..”, product reviews, gaming, fun content and vlogs.

Name the file before uploading to Youtube

Make sure to rename the file and not leave any generic name. It should be some keyword that has to do with the content you are dealing with. It makes it easier for the browser to place your video, how to rank it, etc.

Video title

Just as you can caption many things on the internet, so can you. The headline should attract attention and contain a relevant keyword for the content you are presenting and people will easily find your post when they search.

The title should not be more than 100 characters long. Our recommendation is that the keyword be at the beginning and the product or business be the second part of the title.

The title should be described, clear, concise, understandable, attractive. You can create one in response to a question your site visitors ask about your business, product, or service.

Add tags

The tags are actually keywords, but they are already predefined as relevant and you can add them. Tag is one keyword. This will also raise the number of views, because people will be able to get your content by browsing the tags. There are also professionals like dadkhah, who can help you with search engine optimization. You can also use Adwords, which is useful for promotion , although it’s not free.


When uploading, you can use the “advanced settings” option to select a category for your video (the area offered), thus helping Youtube put your video into videos with similar content. It is important here to know what the properties of the categories are.

Add a thumbnail

Youtube automatically places a thumbnail of the video that will appear in the video search results, but gives you the option to choose one of the three offered thumbnails to see first.

For example, if you are promoting a new product through video, you will select a thumbnail that shows the product. Your Youtube channel must be verified in order to upload thumbnails. Custom thumbnail videos are an advantage in terms of clicks and views.


Anyone who wants to become a YouTuber must be aware that this is not a business that will enrich you overnight.

A long and arduous journey awaits you, but if you have good and quality content, and above all if you promote the channel in the right way, success is guaranteed.