How to Turn Your Essay Into a Masterpiece with These 5 Tips

Whoever said that essay writing is easy has probably never been in the condition of writer’s block. It’s that notorious state when the process of generating new ideas and special content transforms into a real challenge. The good news is – it’s not your fault. Practically all people who commit themselves to writing experience creative slowdown sooner or later, and it’s completely normal.

The question that screams to be answered though is how to get back on track whenever the writer’s crisis invades the mind without invitation.

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In this article, you’ll find some useful pieces of advice that’ll answer the eternal question of how to turn your essay into a masterpiece. By the way, if you need professional assistance on any topic regarding such a creative medium like writing, HandmadeWriting is always ready to help you.

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Study Your Topic

As a writer, you’ll need to do some research and explore the depth of your essay theme, even if it seems mundane and stodgy. Only after that, you’ll be able to notice the first sparks of meaningful thoughts and eventually come with some great ideas for your paper. In addition, research should take equal or even more amount of time that you spend actually writing. So take a deep breath and devote as many hours as necessary to make the points you’ve gathered look reasoned and satisfactory for you. And keep in mind that searching information should not be limited to one Internet source only. Dig deeper: find relevant books, magazines, journals or different credible online sites to make sure that you have more than enough data to start writing.

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Craft an Outline

Believe it or not, but creating a short plan on what information your essay will unfold is the best practice for minimizing rewriting. According to HandmadeWriting an outline works like a magic wand whenever it comes to writing any piece. It helps to organize your thoughts and create a skeleton for your essay. Also, a numbered list with clear arguments you’re going to develop will make you feel confident about the work and motivate you to proceed with pouring your ideas into the written piece. First of all, write the name of the topic at the top of the page. Then, include your main ideas and leave blank spaces under each of them. Finally, list some secondary ideas that’ll explain the main arguments with bullet points. Such a structured approach will ease the process of compiling all of the ideas into one masterpiece.

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Write, Write, and Write Again

Now that you have all the information you need to compose an essay, it’s time to let the writing spirit out. While the process of developing half-baked ideas is usually a challenging task, you’ll never learn how to create an eye-candy unless you actually write. Therefore, don’t be afraid to make mistakes during the process. Practice is a key to success, and only consistent work on refining your writing skills will bring desired results. And in case you need help with organizing your words to make the essay vivid and memorable, read more literature or ask your friends and parents for their own variants of proper wording. Pair this information with what you have and keep tweaking, rearranging, correcting and erasing your paper until you achieve the result you expected to get.

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Procrastination is Your Enemy

If you have a stellar idea for your essay, don’t wait until it writes itself. Postponing the work you can do today is only going to worsen the quality of your final paper. But if procrastination is deeply rooted in your life, there are many different methods you can use to lessen the impact or get rid of such a habit. One of the most effective ways of doing this is using the Pomodoro technique. This is an easy method that does wonders to help you manage time more effectively and imbue your work with a sense of discipline.

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How Does Pomodoro Work?

The technique uses a timer to divide one big task into intervals with short breaks. The sequence goes like this: after every 25 minutes of focused work, a 5-minute pause is made. Then the pause extends to 15-20 minutes after the procedure is repeated four times. While 25-minute chunks devoted to concentrated work don’t increase over time.

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Why use the Pomodoro Technique?

The main reason that makes this method truly effective for time management is a sense of urgency that is typically lacking when it comes to writing. Hence, the timer is that magic instrument that serves as a reminder that time is precious, which in turn encourages to make as much progress on the given task as possible instead of wasting working hours on useless distractions.

Reread Your Masterpiece

This one might be obvious, but if you don’t pay attention to proofreading, the paper will be left unfinished. For example, there could be minor mistakes that you’ve overlooked while writing, or grammatical errors that need fixing, or spelling moments that require improvements. We’re all humans who make mistakes that are inevitable at this point, and even the smallest errors can lead to a lower grade for an essay. So, don’t miss the opportunity to elaborate your paper for the sake of great quality.

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Writing an essay is the continuous process that demands patience and dedication irrespective of the topic. There’s a lot of hard work that comes with it, and here’s the one rule for turning your essay into the work of art – organize the workflow effectively and do your best to present an esteemed written piece that deserves to be read.