How To Your Google Adsense Earning In 2024

Read this article to the very end and you will be surprised by discovering the little tips that will help you to increase your Google Adsense earning. These tips you can apply right now if you have a blog and you get some decent amount of traffic.

We know many of you have been told that the only secret to increasing your Adsense revenue is by increasing your blog’s traffic.  Which is kind of true but there are some of the tactics which you can apply to boost your Adsense earning in no time without having to worry about increasing your traffic?

So without any further ado, let’s jump into the real secrets. In order to increase your Adsense, you need to –

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1. Put ads where people can see them easily

You must not become the victim between usability and profitability with ads.

Even if you want and need to make money to pay your bills, you still want to make my blogs as user-friendly as possible.  We are about longevity as well. So, you have to make some sacrifices with some of them in order to maintain certain levels of usability, but one of the most important keys to making money with Adsense is ad placement.

And many bloggers for the first year or more they just kind of throw the ads wherever they have extra room.  Once you change the location of your ads and make your site more user-friendly your earnings might get tripled overnight.  Because it makes the room for visitors to click on the ads without annoying the visitors.

It may freak you out at the beginning. But trust me just moving an ad a couple of inches will have a dramatic effect on your Adsense earning. That’s how powerful optimizing the ad placements is.

2. Golden Section of Ads

If you’re the one who put ads code everywhere then you’re going to love this section. A great part of your ad earning comes from only a few sections and they include header and top of the article. Not bottom of the article or the sidebar. Not even the exit popup.

Just the header and top of the content. The beauty of these place header and top of the content is it gets seen by people more easily and once your user likes the ad they will just click on them while reading your blog or after finishing their reading.

Plus it’s Google Adsense, we all know they have the world’s most powerful artificial intelligence system and they show only relevant ads to the users. If you don’t know then let me tell you Google shows you ad based on your search history. Yup, that’s weird but that’s what it is.

3. Use Advanced ads Plugin

This is a great WordPress plugin that allows you to put Adsense units in the headers, sidebar, and within the body of your article for as many times as you want for FREE. As we have told the golden place is header and top of the content, it doesn’t mean other places are not worthy.

To increase your Adsense earning you need to get leverage from all the places while maintaining the user-friendliness of your site. This plugin will let you put your ads at the exact places where you want.

All you need is to search “Advanced ads” in the add new plugin search bar and you will see this plugin ready to be installed on your site. Just activate it and you’re good to go.

All you would need to do is copy your ad codes from Google Adsense and paste them inside your advanced ads plugin.

4. Write viral blog posts

This might seem irrelevant, but it’s very important.  If you’re like 90% of the bloggers, you don’t have any readership.

But if you have some readership and you’re getting organic traffic from Google search result then you need to increase that traffic. For some reason, a lot of bloggers just don’t give much respect to search engine readers and this single thing keeps them from growing in the blogosphere and earning a decent revenue from the blog.

So, in order to increase your traffic, one of the most important things you can do is write a viral blog post.

Click here to read a great article that shows exactly how to write a viral blog post that will bring you a lot of traffic.

5. Test, test, and test again

When running Adsense tests, our advice is to let them run for a month in order to make sure of the changes.
Document everything and markdown when any changes occur and what changes you make.

Then, when the test is complete, compare CPM and eCPM (effective cost per thousand) rates to see what performed better for my next optimization process.

Either way, if you want to make more money with Adsense, experimenting and testing is a no brainer.


The tips which we shared with you are very basic but often get neglected by website users.

Trust us, doing these little tweaks can boost your ads revenue in no time.

This is why we shared some of the money-making secrets with you guys. As bloggers, we wish you great success in your online presence. Just keep learning and keep going. There you have it.  Apply these tips and your Google Adsense revenue will increase in no time.