Ice Cream Vs Gelato What Is Better?

The summer is the perfect season for frozen treats like ice cream or gelato. If you think that they are the same things, you are completely wrong. The gelato is not just a fancier name of the basic ice cream, and the recipes for them are different. Only the true lovers know the difference, for many people, it is the same.

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Ice Cream

When it comes to the texture ice cream is fat and cottony, and it is made from milk, cream, sugar, and egg yolks. This dairy dessert was made without egg yolks at the beginning in America, but today’s recipe contains egg yolks like French recipe. When you add egg yolks in your ice cream, frozen treat becomes richer.

At the beginning of its making process, you need to mix all the ingredients into a rich custard, and when it is cooled, you must increase the volume of the treat by adding the air. If it is cheaper, it has more air in it. The finished product must be a plane, light-textured and creamy, served at cold temperature.


It was invented in Italy and the word ’gelato’ comes from the Italian language. Like in ice cream, you need to make a rich custard base, but with a higher proportion of milk and lower proportion of cream and eggs, or no eggs yolks at all. At the end of the making process gelato must be thicker with less air than the ice cream.

It is served at a warmer temperature than the ice cream because the texture of dessert must stay softer and silkier. The Italian frozen dessert is becoming more and more popular in the United States, and on the market, you can buy all kinds of gelato’s flavors.

There are 5 main differences between ice cream and gelato

  1. Creaminess: Ice cream is fat and cottony, and gelato is creamier, smoother, thicker, and silkier.
  2. Ingredients: Ice cream has egg yolks, less milk, and more cream than gelato.
  3. Butterfat, air, and flavor: Ice cream has 15 percent of butterfat and, but gelato has only 4 percent. Italian dessert has less air than American ice cream.
  4. Temperature: Ice cream is served about 10 to 15 degrees colder than Italian gelato.
  5. Serving style: Ice cream is served in scoops and Italian gelato does not. It is only served with the spade.

Although there are many differences between ice cream and gelato, we love both desserts. On hot summer days, it is a perfect treat when you are sitting near the pool or having a coffee in the city with your friends. Maybe on a colder day, you will eat gelato, and on a warmer day, you will cool yourself with the ice cream. The choice is yours.

Which one do you prefer more? The Ice cream or gelato?