Importance of GATE Mock Tests

GATE or Graduate Aptitude Engineering Test is a recognized exam which is conducted by IISC and seven IITs every year. This exam serves as a gateway to various PSU jobs and also offers the aspirants to hold a Master or Doctoral degree after completion of the course. Thus, cracking the GATE exam has become mandatory these days if you want to lead a scintillating career. There are many GATE coaching centers which offer expert guidance and support to aspirant candidates.

Though proper guidance or support plays an imperative role in your GATE preparation, if you want to score really well, you need to keep practising rigorously. Because only practising will improve your confidence, accuracy and also minimizes your error. Here, comes a mock test which will give you the same kind of pressure and also improves your self-esteem.


A mock test is a specially designed exam paper which has many resemblances with the main GATE exam paper. A mock test will help you simulate giving the real exam. Let’s take a look at some of the importance of GATE mock tests.

  1. Gives a sense of real exam: “Practice makes a man perfect” and this is 100% true for the GATE exam. Most of the students don’t score well in the GATE exam because they are not familiar with the exam set up and the atmosphere. But mock tests are designed in such a way that they will simulate real exam pattern. The more you will give mock tests, you will get accustomed with those 180 minutes and it will also lessen your fear of facing the final exam. This test will also help you to choose the right question pattern so that you can utilize 180 minutes wisely.
  2. Identify your strengths and weaknesses: If you want to score well in the GATE exam, you need to maintain a balance between your favourite subjects and the not so favourite subjects. But this is a tricky job undoubtedly. If you can’t keep the balance between all the subjects, then cracking GATE exam can be a distant dream for you. Here, comes a mock test which will help you to check about your strengths and weaknesses. Mock tests will help you to understand which areas you need to work on more so that you can improve your score.
  3. Time management: The time duration of the GATE exam is 180 minutes or 3 hours. During this three hours, you need to understand each question, apply the proper concept, do the right calculation, and finally, need to give the correct answer. So, time management is very important to score well in the GATE exam. And the mock test papers are the best choice which will encourage you to answer the maximum number of questions in stipulated time.


  4. Improves your memory: The exams are the biggest phobia for the children because of their huge syllabuses. It would be an arduous job for a GATE aspirant to learn and memorize the entire GATE syllabus. A plethora of studies has claimed that exam-oriented preparation will help you to retain the information quite a long time. Thus, mock tests will improve your learning process and also helps you to memorize all important topics of your GATE syllabus.
  5. Get familiar with the virtual calculator: Are you using a virtual calculator on daily basis? If not, you should appear for the mock tests that are designed for the GATE exams. You will find difficulties in using virtual calculator specially during competitive exams. If you have adequate knowledge regarding its use, then this will save a chunk of time before your real exam. By giving online mock tests, you will get accustomed with many tools. Hence, you won’t face any difficulty during the time of your real exam.

So, these are some benefits of mock tests for the GATE exam.


There are many institutes which provide GATE coaching so that the aspirants can get a chance to appear for the mock tests which will improve their preparation and confidence. So, start giving mock tests if you want to pass the GATE exam with flying colors.