How to Improve Your Business English Communication Skills

English has become almost universal for communication all over the world. It is based on the basic versions of technology gadgets, social networks, internet searches, but we cannot ignore the fact that many people already speak it fluently, even though it is not their mother tongue.

In fact, in many countries, it is mandatory to learn a foreign language in order to be able to communicate further and open up more opportunities for work, business, and advancement. It can be said that the language itself is already a necessity, although there are nations that stick to their mother tongue and refuse to learn English.

But the fact is that those who already know it, have long known how to use it to their advantage. These people earn extra fees, they know how to express themselves on every occasion and most importantly, they always know that they have a lot to learn, instead of claiming that they speak the language perfectly.

In business communication, you cannot pass with informal language and colloquial expressions. What you need to know is the appropriate terminology, depending on the business. Then, it gives opportunities for expanding knowledge, learning phrases and idioms, as well as skillful use of word games, with which you leave high impressions.

In general, communication skills largely depend on our environment and the environment in which we grew up, but also on the educational system of which we were part. Unfortunately, not everyone is able to adapt to such skills and use them freely, without looking artificial and learned. But, because of that, there are different professions and different positions in a company and of course, there is nothing wrong with not knowing something, as long as you work and invest according to your capacities.

If you have good business communication, but you think you can do better than that, you can start by taking an intensive course such as English Like Native, so that no one notices that you are not a native speaker of this language. You can have perfect informal communication, but when it comes to business, be average. The good thing is that you can fix it really easily, and in addition to courses, there are the following almost free ways to do it:

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1. Practice conversations with a close person


If you have someone who speaks business English fluently, this is a great opportunity to deepen a friendship or family relationship. Insist on speaking English together, corresponding with each other and of course, ask them to correct you whenever your communication is not at the required level. This is one of the most effective ways, especially if you are a person who won’t get angry about criticism from others.

2. Read business news in English


There are too many websites where you can read news on this topic. Even if it is not business news, get in the habit of having some of your daily information in English. It helps a lot, and you gain more interest in the topics, but also in specific words that you would not otherwise use in communication. You can also read it loudly if the situation allows so that you can practice the diction and consistency of your thought.

3. Work on your vocabulary


Read books dedicated to your field. You also have magazines and magazines, but also numerous blogs and websites. Pay attention to the glossary, the footnotes, and the additional explanations. In that way you contribute to your vocabulary becoming richer, to be able to use those professional words, but also to learn how to compose a sentence that will be clear and after which all your collaborators will know what you wanted to say, without any space for confusion.

4. Listen to videos or podcasts


If you listen to and watch videos, then you can learn about the manners you should have. From podcasts, you will get used to using specific words in long sentences. Many will say that language is not learned from a book and we have to agree with that statement. Language is learned from verbal communication, from listening, from being exposed to it. So, expose yourself to formal business English and you will be able to get into the profession quite easily.

5. Improve the written language as well


You cannot speak if you do not write and vice versa. Speaking and writing are the basics of any language. The good thing about writing in English is that you can use online text editors, who can always have better suggestions on how to compose a sentence and what words to use. Writing is certainly another great way to conduct better business conversations and improve your communication skills.

6. Start a dedicated course


When all else fails, get ideas from others. Will it is online or will you take individual classes and it does not change anything, because it depends on the way you prefer to study. However, it is good to find a service that will be dedicated to you or a teacher who has many years of experience in teaching adult students. With them, you can practice communication, dedicate yourself to important words, be concise in your statement and get real remarks about what you do well and what you do wrong. Business communication is crucial to your progress as a professional, and even if you take a course, you will surely only benefit from it.


All of these things that we have listed are valid for any other language. It all depends on how your work is conducted and where you are physically located, but also what is the official language of communication of the company. The basics of learning a foreign language are those and do not change over time. It is important to understand that colloquial words and expressions are not good for the business, so it is important to spend time learning the right communication skills. And we have already listed the ways you can do that. And we sure hope that you will do the thing and become really good at it.