The Sneaky Industry of Sneaker Reselling

You may have heard about the sneaker reselling industry, but did you know it’s a multi-million dollar industry? Yes, buying and reselling sneakers for a profit has become an exceptionally profitable hustle for many individuals. However, it is a very competitive field, with very little information to help newcomers succeed. The sneaker industry is still very secretive, as there’s still too much value to share information openly.

Sneaker reselling isn’t easy, despite how simple the process sounds. You need specialized tools such as sneaker proxies, bots, and more just to stand a chance. Finding the right sneaker proxies can be a challenge, but you can click here to learn more about them.

In this article, we’ll be covering the following topics related to sneaker reselling:

  • What is sneaker reselling?
  • What do you need to start reselling sneakers?
  • Why all the secrecy?

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What Is Sneaker Reselling?

Sneaker reselling is buying limited edition or valuable sneakers and then reselling them for a profit. When it comes to sneakers, certain brands or specific releases become extremely valuable. If you can purchase a pair of these at a fair price, you can often resell them for a much bigger profit. For example, a pair of solid gold OVO x Air Jordans sells for $2 million. This is one of the most expensive sneakers ever made, and there’s only a limited number of them. If you were to get your hands on a pair of these for a reasonable price, you could resell them for much more to make a hefty profit.

Is It Worth It?

In 2020 the sneaker reselling industry was valued at $79 million, which is expected to reach $120 billion by 2025. Suppose you can break into the industry and have a real passion for sneakers, then it could be worthwhile. However, it’s important to notice that although it seems simple enough, you buy sneakers and resell them for a profit. It is much more complex than it appears.

Most of the information is hidden in private Discord groups or subscriber Twitter groups. You’ll need to make your way into these groups to become successful. Also, you have to stay on top of the industry, new releases, and values of sneakers to get your hands on sneakers and resell them when they are worth the most.

The process can seem daunting once you start getting into it, but it can be worthwhile if you can prepare yourself, use the right tools and resources, and keep monitoring sneaker news.

What Do You Need To Start Reselling Sneakers?


To start reselling sneakers, there are a few things you’ll need:

  • Sneaker bots
  • Sneaker proxies
  • Access to a Discord or Twitter group
  • Platforms to monitor news and drops
  • Access to StockX

Things get very competitive when a new drop is announced. Stock is often sold out within minutes, and users are restricted to only buying one pair. The sites monitor and limit your IP address to ensure users can only buy one pair. This is why it’s critical to use bots alongside sneaker proxies. Bots will automate the process and can get through sales much faster than any human, increasing your chances of beating the competition. A sneaker proxy will rotate your IP address with each bot you use so that you can potentially buy more than one pair of sneakers as the IP addresses associated with the bots are different. The proxy will also protect your bot from detection by the website, increasing your chances of scoring a pair (or multiple) of limited edition sneakers.

You’ll also have to monitor sneaker groups, such as High Snobiety carefully, to stay on top of any news or releases. Private Twitter and Discord groups can also become a wealth of knowledge and other useful tools that you can use. In these groups, you might also find special prices on bots, or you can go into a purchase with other sneakerheads if you can’t afford a pair on your own. Finally, StockX is useful for monitoring the value of your sneakers so that you can sell them when you make the highest profit.

Why All The Secrecy?

Despite being a multi-million dollar industry, the sneaker reselling industry is still clouded in mystery. The industry is also showing remarkable growth, but very little is shared by those within the industry. Why is that? Some may find the sneaker reselling industry to be unethical. After all, it’s not fair for a bot to grab multiple pairs of sneakers when the website only releases one pair per user. But this is not the main reason for the secrecy. The truth is that the industry’s information is still too valuable to share. Those making good money doing this want to hold on to that advantage for as long as possible.

Final Thoughts


Sneaker reselling might seem like a simple idea, but it comes with its challenges and pitfalls. This million-dollar industry is still heavily cloaked in secrecy so that resellers can hold on to the industry’s monopoly a little longer. However, there are ways to get into the elusive industry by using the right tools and building the right connections.