IOTransfer 3 Review: the Best File Manager & Transfer for iPhone 

IOTransfer is a file manager and transfer for iPhone but also for iPad and iPod touch. One program to manage all your files, your photos, your music … and more! This review is about its third version – IOTranser 3.

Nowadays we really do everything with our smartphones! We use it as a watch, a camera, a portable console. We use it to receive and reply to emails, post or follow our social media and of course to call and chat. In short, our smartphone is an irreplaceable travel companion! So, there is no denying saying our phone stores valuable data that means a lot to us, which is more important than the phone itself.

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IOTransfer 3: the first section to be known is the one called “Transfer”

To be able to take care of these various data, you always like to transfer them to the computer for preservation. In many cases, you may feel enough about using iTunes. However, using iTunes may cause data loss in some cases and some users think it is cumbersome to use it. So, a lot of iTunes alternatives come into being. IOTransfer is one of them, which presented as an excellent iPhone manager & transfer capable of managing all content in one place, transfer data across device and computer unlimitedly and even wirelessly. 

With it, you can easily move your photos, your favorite songs and your documents in an easy, fast and intuitive way. You can carry out all the operations that are usually done with iTunes but in a faster and more intuitive way. Using the Air-Trans feature so that totally free you from using a USB cable!

IOTransfer 3: the second section to know is the one called “Cleaning”

Another feature that makes IOTransfer a valid helper is to help you deeply scan your phone and clean up useless and obsolete files. Even in this case it is easy to see what we are talking about! A section dedicated to cleaning (obviously virtual) your Apple device. 

Generally, the files that will be removed are crash logs or similar. Useless files, but still occupy memory on your device! Space that could be useful for your photos or for anything you want.

IOTransfer 3: the third section to know is the one called “Video”

This section is also very useful outside the Apple ecosystem. With IOTransfer 3, you really have everything at your fingertips and you can easily and quickly manage your iPhone. It could also be useful as an unblocked YouTube Video Downloader to create your videos with backgrounds taken from Google’s most popular streaming platform. 

To download the video in question, all you need to do is copy and paste the URL of the video and press the download button. You can also convert the downloaded video to the formats most used by readers, like YouTube videos to MP4, YouTube videos to MP3 and other formats.

Not only supports downloading videos from YouTube, but also supports saving videos from more than 100+ online websites you used most like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Vimeo  etc.

IOTransfer 3: who may buy it?

This program is certainly useful for those who have decided to make Apple devices their Hi-Tech ecosystem. If you use your iPhone, iPad and iPod a lot, having an easy and intuitive file management program could really be the right choice. 

IoTransfer is neither the most expensive iTunes alternative software nor the cheapest. But it is arguably the most rewarding piece of software. Why? You don’t have to spend maybe 50 or 60 or more dollars just to get a transfer feature that you need. You can buy more than one feature for less than half the cost. And it was developed by a professional team, with professional technical support. So it’s a good option for users who don’t want to spend too much money on just one feature.


As you see, a range of really interesting feature been added to this truly complete software. It is a reliable iPhone manager & transfer that allow you to manipulate, modify and save your data to where you want. Unlike using iTunes, there is no risk of data loss and the operation is easy and simple. More than anything, it is more than an iOS manager and transfer; it is also a useful phone cleaner, an outstanding video downloader, an auto video converter, etc. Give it a try.