Items Worth Investing In When Living In Hurricane-Prone Areas

Adverse events occurring in areas with vulnerable populations are considered disasters. Most of these Catastrophes are unforeseen and cause devastating loss of property and loved ones.

With the increased occurrence of hurricanes and tropical cyclones, there is a need to address storm preparedness. In case of impending disasters, the safest option is to evacuate, but Covid 19 pandemic has left us at a crossroads. The risk of moving to a new area only to find out it’s a Covid 19 hot zone has left us with no option but to brace ourselves for the inevitable.

Here are a few ideas on items worth investing in when living in storm-prone areas to ensure your life and properties are safe.

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Emergency Food and Water

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Have you ever tried going for a day without eating? Taking time to shop and carefully store food sufficient for at least three days is among the safest ways to look out for your family before storms strike. It is important to ensure that your storage room is accessible during disasters.

Moreover, it is vital that you clean and prepare storage rooms before food storage: ensure they are rodent-free and free of excess moisture to avoid losses due to destruction or spoilage.

When shopping, check the expiration dates of food to avoid buying food that won’t last long. Prioritize dry foods and canned foods that don’t necessarily require refrigeration. You can also clean and use containers with tight screw lids to store gallons of water.

Insurance Cover

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Storms can be sudden and devastating. The thought of losing your newly purchased dream home and decor can be tormenting. What else can give you a peaceful night’s rest than insuring your home?

Here it’s vital that you consider having all-risk covers for your property. All risk cover packages ensure that all your valuables from new to old are insured.

Insurance cover enables one to get back on their feet after disasters strike: this includes repairing houses, or any damages on insured property. Take time and research on which insurance coverage best suits you, and choose wisely which company to invest in.

Life insurance cover is equally important in ensuring that your loved ones remain financially supported in case any misfortune happens.

After your home or property has been damaged by a hurricane you have a lot to deal with and taking photos doesn’t top your priority list. But before cleaning out after disasters, take photos to validate your claim and ensure you get full compensation for what you are entitled to.

Storm-resistant Building Materials

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Strong winds tend to be very destructive. However, the damages can be reduced by investing in the appropriate construction materials.

Installing high-impact windows with frames that resist breakage, goes a long way in safeguarding one of the most vulnerable parts of your home. They also reduce the risk of water infestation in the house that will soak your valuables. If installing high-impact windows is too expensive: consider adding storm shutters as they help strengthen your windows while still letting light and air in.

Reinforcing entry points such as doors with steel give it extra support to withstand strong winds from opening them and also prevent them from being blown away. Consider adding extra spring with strength and durability to the door hinges to provide stronger attachment and support to the door. Reinforced entry points in addition to keeping the inside of the house safe, also keep the rain out.

Emergency Equipment Supplies.

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Disasters are often characterized by power shortages. Purchasing reliable backup sources of power such as generators, flashlights with batteries, high-intensity light sticks, and auto spotlights will help light up your homestead when electricity is disrupted. It is important to invest in cutlery and sources of fuel for food preparation such as charcoal and stoves.

A fully stocked hand tool is a lifesaver starter pack. Hand tools include; handsaw, hammer, pliers, mallet, and staple guns. With these pieces of equipment, you can assemble, dismantle furniture, and reinforce any entrances in your house. Moreover, sump pumps come in handy in draining out water leakages by pumping it out to safeguard lives in the house and keep property bone dry when hurricanes strike.

Reinforce Parking Lots and Docks

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After investing lump sum amounts of cash, no one ever wants anything to happen to their vehicles, and this is not any different during emergencies. Installing heavy-duty garage doors on the entrance of your parking lots, which are reinforced with steel and extra hardware makes it hard for entrances to be blown away by strong winds. Be sure to check the wind resistance capability of any material you will choose to install on your parking lot entrance.

With increased storm reported cases along the oceans. It is important to ensure that your vessels are safe whether they are for recreation or commercial purpose. Consider adding bumpers to your modular boat docks. It gives double benefit in protecting your dock if anything crashes it and keeps your vessel intact and avoids wreckage. More information you can find at


In the event your property is located in storm-prone areas, especially along the oceans, preparation will go a long way towards protecting the property and life.

As you prepare yourself for these occurrences, it’s vital that you have updated information always to avoid a rush. What’s more, you and your family needs to have the right training and urgency to deal with emergencies. This can go along way in ensuring that you remain safe even when disaster strikes.

The essential items that you will require to survive a storm disaster are many but ensure the five items mentioned above don’t miss out as you strategize on your investments. Good luck ensuring that you invest wisely.