Kanye West’s Ungentlemanly Gestures to Wife Kim Shocks Fans

Rapper Kanye West has managed to behave quite ungentlemanly towards his wife and mother of his children, Kim Kardashian West. At a basketball game, he did not return a kiss to his wife, which the sneaky cameras captured of course.

On social media, fans harshly criticized this move by the popular music star. Kim seemed uncomfortable by the situation, as she had to kiss Kanye on his cheek.

However, this was not the end of his impolite behavior. On Instagram, there was a video in which the pair can be seen stepping out of an elevator after kissing. Kanye then leaves the elevator first, leaving Kim to pick up several large shopping bags!

This again caused a flood of negative comments on social media, including sarcastic ones like, “What a gentleman, right?” or the more harsh observations, “He left her in the elevator with all those bags, and the doors started closing too!”

Kim is probably used to her husband’s behavior by know, as he is famous for being impolite, senseless, and even rude at times.