The Pros of Using a Klaviyo Strategist in Email Marketing

When you’re conducting an email marketing campaign, you need to have a clear idea of what you want to achieve, who you want to appeal to and how you’re going to do it. This can be quite a daunting task when you’re setting out, however, the good news is that if you enlist the help of a Klaviyo strategist, things get a lot easier!

There are so many factors that determine whether the reader of your email will disregard it, delete it or read it and we’re going to look now at just a few of the ways you can ensure that yours fall into the latter category. A Klaviyo strategist can be a real godsend in this regard, as it can get a little bamboozling for anyone new to the concept. Especially nowadays with so many different systems, configurations, and options for businesses online.

To figure everything out on your own becomes a daunting task and eventually it becomes impossible without a Klaviyo expert because the capabilities in branding, setup, automation logic, and systems design is literally endless.

It is very easy to make a mistake that negatively affects your business revenues and also could potentially upset your customers with too much email or not enough; both are a danger-zone for brand strategists working email marketing programs.

A Klaviyo Strategist Will Set Expectations

Great content is key to any email marketing campaign and it needs to contain a strong call to action. This then needs to be followed up in a consistent way, which includes how often you’ve promised to send out emails to your reading public. This works both ways in that if you’ve said you’re going to send one email a week to them and you end up sending one a day, you set yourself up to fail.

The same goes for not sending emails often enough when your readers are expecting daily updates concerning a product update. A Klaviyo strategist will suggest that you set expectations at the outset and stick to them to keep your readers happy, customers smiling, and brand managers executing on great campaigns without flip-flopping on strategies or execution. The key to great email marketing is to create something fun, upbeat, interesting, and educational that is also designed and timed to perfection.

On some level we also can think of ecommerce email marketing with Klaviyo as a method of having a conversation with your customers and a way of educating them on the value of the products and services your company offers. The key here is that email should be used strategically and with segmentation that targets the right audience.

A Klaviyo Strategist Knows to Vary the Content

One thing is for sure – no one wants to be ‘sold to’ all of the time and in email marketing, it’s no different. You need to strike a nice balance between education, promotion and advice so that you actively display your authority whilst helping to solve the issues they face in your field of expertise.

A Klaviyo strategist can help you create a content plan that has the ideal blend of content types so that your readers feel compelled to open every email you send. When building the programs for upcoming months or promotions, the key is to create an editorial calendar that both the agency and the client can use to share ideas, thoughts, approvals, and launch interesting Klaviyo email marketing campaigns.

Eventige – The Klaviyo Strategist Your Business Needs

A coherent email marketing strategy is vital in order to ensure your efforts are targeted and delivering the results you intended to achieve when you started out. There’s quite a bit to consider, as you’ve got to have a strategy in place that ensures the frequency, content, tone, style and subjects of your emails are spot on. That’s where a Klaviyo strategist comes in really handy.

With ecommerce email marketing being so popular nowadays, its very important that you are able to activate your digital marketing for your Shopify or BigCommerce Store with automation tools and lead capture that will generate revenue for your business. That’s exactly what we provide in terms of our Klaviyo Experts that work on our accounts directly with our clients to generate the highest return on investment.

This also holds true for digital marketing as a whole when working on growing sales of email marketing strategies that pair together with other inbound activities like SEO, Lead-Capture Pop-Ups, Review Management, and any other aligned digital marketing services that work together with Email to generate increased sales and reduce abandoned carts.

One of the most important things to consider when developing the strategy is to understand how email marketing for ecommerce stores is connected to the overall revenues and customer experience since many brands are using email to get special offers or promotions launched to reach customers and surprise and delight with great email copy and great incentives for products or services.

With so many things to consider, it’s highly valuable to engage the services of people that work with email marketing every single day, and have that experience that you can trust. Plus you will have the added advantage of the experts having access to special events, webinars, and insider information that they can bring to your doorstep to super-charge your email marketing programs.

At Eventige, we have extensive experience in the Klaviyo platform and ecommerce in general, so when you work with us, you know you’re in great hands. If you’d like to know more about anything talked about here, visit us online at where you’ll also find details of our entire digital marketing services.

Thanks for reading. We hope that doing so has highlighted just how much is involved in email marketing and that having an expert on your side is a very, very handy thing to have.