Letting Your Kid Use Smartphone Before Bedtime Can Distort Their Sleeping Routine

For any human being, 7-8 hours of sleep is mandatory. An adequate amount of sleep is necessary for well being and development. Along with that, it is also necessary for memory, and learning, behavior, and emotions, and sleep is crucial for our overall health in general. However, more and more kids feel sleepy throughout the daytime, so what could be the cause?

Although there could be some other reasons too, that is keeping them from sleeping at night. Studies have shown that children who have their mobile phones tend to spend a lot of time playing online games, endless hours on the social media platform, and to be in constant touch with their friends. Smartphone use before bedtime have a massive and extremely negative impact on children’s sleeping pattern.

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Mobile phones intrude nighttime sleep


The use, as well as the presence of smartphone usage, is incredibly massive. As per a survey that was conducted in the year 2006 showed that almost every teenager has a mobile phone, and they often use it before going to sleep.

Given this, because kids use their mobile phones tirelessly, especially before bedtime, it makes them remain busy throughout their night time, and it is unfortunately associated with poor and insufficient quality of sleep.

Inconsistent sleep makes your child feel weak and sleepy during the day time. Every human brain needs to hibernate to perform better. And the brain is at its best when it wakes up with a fresh mind. However, kids nowadays are not letting that happen.

Getting more screen time means making them feel awake, but apart from that, the time that could have been used to prepare their bed, pray, and go for a walk to have a good night sleep, they are now seen to be busy with their phones playing some games or talking to someone. All-in-all, they have less time for their nighttime routine, eventually leading to a lesser amount of sleep.

Bright light leads to alertness


Mobile phone screen emits blue lights, and when your eyes start to absorb blue lights, particularly before bedtime, it can make you alert all night long. Mobile phone causes many negative impacts on the human mind. And when that mind is as young as the adolescents’, things can have a dire effect.


You never know what your child might be surfing on the internet. The quality of information they are after and blue light both can jeopardize the sleeping routine of any child. Here are some examples, watching scary or dramatic content before sleep time, or talking to someone at night can make them keep doing that and not sleep. Plus, the bright light always makes them stay alert. Exposure to these bright lights keep adults awake; these are only kids.

Using parental control app to limit screen time limit


The best thing that you can do is look out for a good parental control app that comes with a screen time limit feature. You can think of downloading FamiSafe by Wondershare. This wonderful app allows you to avail of the stability of FamisafeThis parental control application is one of the best and comes with a free trial version too. Use it until the free trial is over to see if it is worth it, and once you are sure about it, you can go for the package.

Limiting screen time


FamiSafe comes with some of the most reliable features. For example, screen time limit. No one likes to see their kid struggling with nighttime sleep, just because they want to have fun with their mobile phone. Now, have full control over their sleep time routine, and don’t let them use it when they need to sleep, study, eat, and play. You can set a screen time limit when they are at school, when they have gone out with their friends, or before their bedtime. Let them sleep properly at night so that they can wake up afresh the next morning.

App blocker


Another thing that can be done using the FamiSafe app is blocking addictive gaming applications. If you have a young boy teenager at home, then you must be aware that they spend a lot of time playing addictive games on their phone. Why not block apps that are consuming a lot of their sleep time?

Along with screen time limitation, you can also block some of the apps that could be addictive. On top of that, your kids might have downloaded some chatting with someone or using dating apps too. If your kid’s phone buzzes continuously, understand the signs, they might be talking to someone in particular. And night time is the best to talk to someone because the rest of the family members are completely asleep.

There are many advantages of using parental control apps like FamiSafe because it will allow your kid to sleep properly at night. Also, if you are wondering about how easy it is to use the FamiSafe appthen here’s how to go about it.

Visit the official site of FamiSafe that is the best parental control app, register a membership account. Secondly, download the app in both yours and your child’s mobile phone. Finally, connect the two apps, and now you are all set to use the application and monitor your child.

Along with screen time and app blocking, you can use this app for web content filtering and real-time location tracking as well. One app, but a handful of features that will let you keep your child sleep well at night, wake up with a healthy and fresh mind, and finally allow them to concentrate on their studies, and other extracurricular activities.

Make sure that you talk to them about safe browsing habits, and why sleeping is necessary for them. They will get enough time during the day to use their phone. You be their role model and keep explaining things to them as a friend. Be a strict parent, but don’t restrict them from using their phone entirely.