The Newest Electrified Concept Lexus LF-30

Recently, we were introduced to the future of electrified cars. We can say that the Lexus holds the key to the future. The whole world witnessed the Lexus LF-30, a concept that features some of the most interesting innovations in the world of electrified cars.

Also, it has some differences from the current vehicles you can find among EVs. The biggest difference between this one and other EVs is that this one has four hub-mounted motors that make a perfect combination that can produce around 530 horsepower. This is really impressive for an electric car. All those motors can be operated in all parts of the car, the wheel drive, rear, and the front. This makes the perfect balance of this car.

This car lacks axels both in front and rear and the floor-mounted batteries are allowing a lot of free space for the design in the interior. The designers made the best of it. The passenger space is maximized because of the short rear and front. The seats are based on the looks you can find on the first-class airlines that are unforgettable when combined with a sound system provided by Mark Levinson.

Like we said, this a door to the future of e-cars, presented by a Japanese brand. Some are even saying that this futuristic look is meant to present the exact future of battery-electric vehicles or BEV. The premiere of this newly created car was presented to the world on the Tokyo Motor Show which will last from the 25th of October to the 4th of November.

The company has plans to electrified versions of all of its models available to the market in the next few years, approximately in 2025. The true aim of its design visually represents all of the energy flow that as a result of the in-wheel electric motors, that can be seen on all of the four wheels on the road. As many BEVs on the market, this vehicle doesn’t feature an opening bonnet. The whole shape of this car spans across all of the vehicle. Also, it features something that the manufacturer name muscular wings. These are wing-shaped headlights that can be seen on the front of the car. Furthermore, they can make an aerodynamic form. You have to option of driving this car or to turn on something that is called the autopilot.

Besides its exterior, which can be called futuristic, had a modern design, we can say that it has some of the features and looks that can be called somewhat old-school. The aim of this design is to have a dynamic between the driver and the vehicle. When it comes to the cockpit, it was inspired and designed by Tazuna, a Japanese concept.

This is a reference to days back in the history when to the driving process was evolving around horse and its rider. There are a plethora of interfaces that will make the communication between the driver and the car possible. You just have to acquire this car and see it for yourself. We are pretty sure that you will be very pleased with what you will see.