Looking For The Best Webinar Platform

As we may already know, webinars are potent tools that can help you reach out to your target audience, improve the job of your event organizers, and eventually improve your speaking business. It can also help to bring in more revenue to the business.

There are so many ways that hosting a webinar can help to improve the speaking power of your business. Some of those ways are:

  • It promotes your integrity as a speaker
  • It helps you act as an advert for an upcoming event or conference.
  • Webinar acts as a value add for a pre-event or post-event. That is, it helps to improve your revenue from an event.
  • It acts as a pay-to-attend offering

So, have you ever hosted a webinar? If you have, then you know that it is a bit unsettling as you might not know where to begin. Even after you have concluded on the content, you still need to ask yourself an important question; what platform do I need?

It is effortless to get distracted by loads of add-ons or catchy offers when you go in search of the ideal webinar platform.

To succeed and achieve your objectives, you need to take some time before you begin your search.

There are many webinar platforms spread all over the internet, and they all have hundreds of features that are unique to themselves. However, you must be careful as you can quickly lose focus and forget the actual thing you need.

Before you make that choice, ask yourself these three vital questions

  1. Why am I running a webinar?
  2. What are the results I wish to get from running the webinar?

Do you want to?

  • Expand your audience
  • Grow your integrity to an event organizer?
  • Improve your awareness about the power of your speaking business or organization?
  • Increase your turnover and build on your bottom line?
  1. In what way will the webinar help you achieve this?

Once you successfully answer these questions and have a vivid idea of what you will achieve from the webinar, then you can go on to search for the platform for the job.

To understand the essential details for a good platform and how it will enable you to achieve your goals is vital to picking the right platform for your needs.

There are lots of tools online that can help you create and share your presentation, but what is the best one for the job? The answer to that question is ezTalks.


ezTalks is an excellent webinar platform that offers high-end and lower price solution to those who want to associate themselves remotely for both events and webinars.

Below are the key features that ezTalks presents as an ideal webinar platform:

  • Full branding
  • Easy desktop and browser sharing
  • Concurrent chat translation
  • Clear attendee analytics and statistics
  • Blending with a host of online tools and services such as :
  • Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn
  • YouTube
  • Google Calendar and iCal
  • Microsoft Office

Final Thought

There are lots of webinar platforms that will provide the services you desire, and some are more specialized than others. However, the ideal webinar platform you need depends on the specific function you need. With ezTalks, you are fully covered for any needs you require, and there are some free trials that you can try out today.