Magicard Pronto Printer Review

The Magicard Pronto is an entry-level ID Card printer perfectly suited to smaller offices, clubs or societies. Ideal for those who may need only a few ID Cards daily or weekly but do need the ability to print on demand. 

Having an outside source print your cards is a viable option but that can mean slow turnaround with very high production costs. The Magicard Pronto offers a fantastic on-site desktop alternative. 

The Pronto comes with a range of options that allow for simple, low-cost and secure card printing. The Pronto is a single card hand-fed machine that allows you to print cards very quickly. With rewrite technology, several security options such as the patented Holokote technology, and a two-year warranty, the Pronto is an excellent little card printer. 


The Magicard Pronto is one of the smallest ID card printers on the market. Weighing in at just 9.7lbs, the printer is light enough for quick and easy transport. The compact size (11” x 8.5”x9”) is perfect for easy storage and is perfect for smaller offices where space is at a premium. 


The Pronto has all the features you need to create all types of cards including options for magnetic stripe and smart card encoding.  It uses Magi cards patented Holokote technology to protect against cards being copied.

An additional security option within the HoloKote® design feature is the HoloPatch®. The HoloPatch® adds further security to your cards by boosting the visibility of the HoloKote® logo by using a reflective gold ‘super diffuser’ foil square. This option allows you to easily distinguish a genuine card immediately. 

The Magicard Pronto Printer is a fantastic printer to have when you want to make professional quality cards quickly and cheaply.  It’s very easy to use and great for businesses who want an ID card printer which is portable and can be easily stored.

This printer is very versatile with many options for personalised identification cards depending on the individual needs of your company. The Pronto Printer is enhanced with rewritable technology to help keep costs low, especially for businesses who need guest or short-term use cards.

With several security options to make sure your ID cards are authentic; this printer is perfect for business or schools looking for a high-quality card printer that can produce individual cards simply and efficiently. The Magicard Pronto Printer will be a great asset to your company.

Small Footprint – Big Features

A compact machine, the Pronto takes up very little desk space – but packs a lot of punch. The Pronto has all of the features of its bigger counterparts, such as edge-to-edge printing, magnetic encoding option, HoloKote for that added bit of security, as well as a full two-year warranty.

The Magicard Pronto printer works with a long line of Windows operating systems, as far back as XP right through to the latest version of Windows 10. You can find more purchase information on the Pronto at