How to Maintain a Superb GPA With a Social Life – 2024 Guide

College is a lot of things but it’s not easy. It involves exciting parties but at the same time, comes with the immense pressure of getting good grades, securing a decent internship and eventually a secure job at the end of it all. The key to success at college is to juggle everything in the right way and strike that perfect balance which mind you, is not possible for everyone. With that said, if you’re a struggling student, here are few tips for you to maintain a perfect grade sheet while also enjoying the great experience college has to offer.

Each semester, unlike in school, you get your grades that accumulate to a GPA. A GPA is a numeric indicator of your academic performance at college which does play at the time of recruiting by employers and grad school takers if you plan on pursing further studies. This number, in simple words can make or break your career or rather future. We’re not here to scare you away but instead, we’re here to help. Here are some kickass tips for you to score good grades and get that GPA every employer is looking for without missing out on the fun stuff college has in store for you!

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1. Prepare yourself


Before the semester begins, each student is given a syllabus for every course they’re enrolled in. The best way to put the right foot forward is by going through that. Read it thoroughly as it involves answers to all your future questions. These syllabuses lays a foundation of all the material that will be covered, the books you would have to refer to, the grade breakup and well, the daunting assignments and the soul-searing deadlines. Going through it will help you will understand what is expected of you and resultantly, would make adjustments accordingly.

2. Don’t shy away in asking questions


College is nothing like school. It is tough and hence, requires hell loads of effort. With that said, it is important that you understand that it’s okay to feel lost and not understand things the first time around. Go through the syllabus that you’re handed in the beginning of the semester and do not shy away from asking questions. Not only then, don’t be afraid to ask for help when you get stuck in an assignment or even during a lesson. Professors are more than happy to help and if that doesn’t work out, you can always use the mighty Google or even websites like to assist you with your assignments. Online platforms not only provide paper help but can also complete your assignments for you without breaking the bank so do not miss out on it!

3. Visit your Professor after class


It’s alright to ask for help. Lessons at college are extremely complex and might not be easily understood if not spent enough time and understanding on them. If you get too overwhelmed by the amount of students you have around, you can always stay back after class to discuss your queries with your professors. This will allow you to not only be on the good terms with your teach but will also help you understand things easier.

Further, most professors at college also offer student office hours. These provide not only them with the opportunity to learn more about their students but it also allows the students to socialize with them even if it’s not about the class. Availing these hours will enable you to discuss not only the issues that you’re facing but will also help you ask for tips to do well in class, ask for extra credit hours or even their advice about your career plans. Professors are professionals who’ve been the same situation as you and so understand fair and square as to what you might be going through!

4. Form study groups


Try to befriend the people you have in your class. The best way to do so is form groups with people you’ve never spoken for class projects and big assignments. This will help you make new friends at the added advantage of having someone during boring class lectures. Further, try and make study groups with these friends you make. Study groups are fairly effective when it comes down to studying for finals or even a pop quiz that literally, pops out of nowhere. You all can share your notes and in a way complement each other where you lack – this way not only will you benefit from it but so do they!



Getting good grades and a tremendous GPA boils down one thing that is to study. Studying is tricky in college. With so much going on, it can get extremely difficult to focus and concentrate on studying. The best way to go about it is by making good, legible notes and revising them before and after each class. This will help you retain whatever was taught in each class on day to day basis. Revising is important as not only will it help you be present in class but will reduce the likelihood of you and your friends freaking out before the finals.

Moreover, where you study each day or on the weekends is also of utmost importance. Some people are good with studying in the comforts of their bed and some are not. If you ask us, your dorm room is the worst place to study as that takes away from the headspace you have of that place. Find a spot on campus, be it in the library or a foyer of your favorite building where you can get into that mentality of hustle. Spend the required time there and then crash back to the sanctuary that  is your room, your personal space.

College is not only academically important, it is also important for your personal growth. Make sure you don’t have your nose in the books all the time and miss out on the plethora of things that it offers to help you turn into the best version of yourself.