6 Instructions For Making Wigs With Closures And Bundles

Necessary equipment required for hair making:

  • Mount Stand
  • Life size model Head or Moron (takes after the real head)
  • Wig cap (dynamic ties)
  • Needle wire (use cotton or nylon)
  • Estimating tape
  • Scissors

Once most of the material for making wigs is solid and stable, you should realize that the largest size of your head will make you an ideal wig. Ishowbeauty tells best way to estimate the size of your head is:

Custom hair style head measurement strategy

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First: Dizziness

Source: sleepphones.com

This sketch can be the way around your hairline, it feels good if you wrap your hairline around your ears and narrow your guess. There you will measure, and test. From 21 inches to 23 inches, this can usually be a normal routine, whipping a piece of hair will change this measurement from 21 crawls to 23 inches. In case your exceptional size is more or less the same, you may want to advise the wig creators before submitting the application.

Second: Abrasive front

Guess from the focal point of your temple. Experience the most prominent part of your head, then the absolute bottom. If you can’t make it work better, you’ll see someone move in the feed for you and get the right size.

Third: ear to ear across forehead

From ear to ear, across your temple. For ribbon front wig, the measurement should be regular 13 inches, unusual hair maker uses different sizes, some use 13 * 4 inch tram frontal, some use 13 * 6 inch trim end, on this occasion That you want your pre-shield. The longer the hairlines of the wig, the longer the result of the 13 * 6 inch trim.

Fourth: from ear to ear:

Source: wigs101.com

From ear to ear, from the head above you. Please keep it straight with your ears and head up accordingly. This development has chosen how deep-haired the hat is.

Fifth: From the ear to ear to head

From the sanctuary to the sanctuary, in the back of your head. Keep a horizontal line with your ears.

Last: scratching the neck

Just below the hair of your neck, measuring.

Cycles for making wigs with end and packages, respectively:

Source: youtube.com

1. When you feel your careful head size, you will adjust the life size model head. Fix it well on the mount stand. At this point, set the size of the life size model’s head wig; change the tie to the appropriate size. Imprint the hair strands on the web cap, and then you will sew in the hair net.

2. Sew a little bit during a haircut. Choose human hair or engineered hair that you will use, today we choose human hair that is acceptable for you after you wear it. After the hair strands, sew in the hair extensions on the cap. If you can’t believe it, it’s tight. About the end of the ribbon, you will see it first or then sew it after you finish tying the hair. You will create a neighborhood on this result which makes wigs common.

3. Brush and polish hair. After completing the wig, it would be ideal if you confirm using a wide brush to avoid shedding or tangling. You will style your hair to your liking. Because all the hair we have is 100 human hairs that can be colored, ready-made or styled. When you use an iron surface, keep it at the right temperature or it will ruin the hair.

Wig washing instructions

Source: rehairducation.com

When you wear herpes, you want to close it and wash it. This is ideal if you confirm that you will use legitimate gratitude to care for it. While it is not okay to say thank you for washing, hair loss will be more frightening. One thing we can’t deny is that the more hair you wear, the more hair will fall out. The less hair you wear, the less hair you will shed. You can’t stop flowing on the basis that the hair is sewn on this hat. Any damage to the hair will sum up the life of your wigs. When you wash your hair, it gets wet, please don’t brush it too hard to digitize and shed less hair.

1. Brush hair without tangling before washing anything with a toothbrush.

2. At this point, finally add the sprinkler to the lukewarm water. Please wait several minutes for the hair to get cleansed in the cleanser. People thought they were virgin human hair, all together they could use a conventional cleaner, it really is 100 human hair, still leaves the hair dealer, they get no nourishment, So you want to choose an unusual cleaner. For wig, it can protect hair and make hair shiny.

3. Gently wash the hair and wash to clean. Please do not comb the hair as it may cause splitting or tangling. People who twist their hair once they have touched it will still damage the skin of the hair follicles. The hair will break without any problem.

4. Apply conditioner on lukewarm water and then spray the wig in it again. What’s more, leave it for about 10 minutes or more. Conditioners like vegetable oil nourish the hair and give the hair sparkle and reflex shape.

5. Sprinkle and wash in fresh water, pull the water with a pin. Use fresh water to clean hair or apply conditioner stains to get the water inside the hair and make it dry.

6. Dry it in the air on the hair stand. You will do well not to use a dryer that blows the hair away which can damage the skin of the main hair follicles. The use of standing hair can confirm that the hair has maintained its true shape. If you dry it through others, you will probably discover that it will not be there after washing. That’s why we carefully make sure to pair your hair. Some clients will have a permanent grip on their hair and will know the reasoning when they adopt the best way to use their hair. No matter how many wigs you have, you should use your ability to monitor them. This will make your hair last longer. Visit Ishowbeauty.com for more details.