Making Your DIY Projects Uniquely Elegant With Mica Powder

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What is Mica Powder?

Mica is a natural silicate stone mineral with shiny flakes, that gives off a glittery metallic appearance. Mica can also be used to give a glittery pearl-like effect to projects as well. Mica is used as a paint extender to brighten the tone of the pigmentation of the color.

Some electricians use Mica as thermal insulation for electrical equipment because it’s extremely fireproof, non- flammable, infusible, and is known to resist temperatures of up to 1000 degrees Celsius/1832 degrees Fahrenheit. Because it belongs to a very essential large group of minerals, Mica is safe and effective and can be used in various projects and applications.

Fun Ways to Incorporate Mica in Your DIY Art Projects

If you love to give your artwork that shiny shimmering look, instead of using glitter, which is hard to stick to certain paper or fabrics and can make a huge mess, mica combined with water is a great solution. If you want to give your wall art projects a more elegant illuminating style, try mixing mica powder into your oil paint or acrylic paint for additional depth and texture.

If you love making beautiful, colorful pottery, Eye Candy Customzus has a variety of safe, non-toxic mica pigments that would be awesome to mix with your clay or brush on as a paste for a more decorated finished look. To give that extra shine and sparkle to your scrapbook project, try mixing water and powder until it becomes a thin paste to create a beautiful shiny natural sparkly design.

For those who love to give unique personalized greeting cards, using rubber stamps for that special occasion, you can cover the design with Eye Candy Customzus’ various colored mica powder before the ink dries for a more graceful detailed illuminating look.

To add a more pearly, metallic, glittery look to fabrics, jewelry, plastic floral arrangements, Tupperware, and more, you can create a shimmering spray by simply adding water, glue, metallic paint and your choice of this powder to a water bottle to add a sophisticated sheen to your design. Mica can be added to a variety of paints, glues, and varnishes to add that extra enhancing finish to your craft projects. Eye Candy Customzus has a huge selection of powder for sale that will give radiance to all of your craft projects.

Adding Mica to Your Soap and Cosmetic Projects

For example, Eye Candy Customzus mica pearls are great for making soaps, bath bombs, lotions, creams, cosmetics and more. When making soaps simply add the after the melting process and pour it into your mold. For mixing cosmetics such as highlighters, bronzers, blushes, powders, eyeshadows Eye Candy offers a beautiful selection of mica powder for sale to achieve the look and effect you desire.

Eye Candy’s Kobe Luminarie, Hibiscus Yellow, Shuri Red, 10k Gold, and Okinawa Blue are just a few of the most gorgeous colors to choose from to give your cosmetics a more graceful and stylish look. To create aromatic creams and lotions with a more shimmering look, you can add mica to almond oil, coconut oil, or favorite lotion. You can also add it to your favorite lip balm to give your lips that shining popping look that every woman desires. Eye Candy offers a wide variety of gold powder or flakes to choose your desired style.

Other Awesome Ideas for Using Mica Powder

This powder is well renowned for being a very unique and safe product for all sorts of applications. You can also add mica to waxes for candle making, glazes for an extra coating on jewelry, clay, and acrylics. It can also be added to lacquers and top coats when refurbishing furniture.