Margot Robbie Net Worth 2024

During the past few years Margot Robbie has become one of the best and most wanted actresses in Hollywood. She has succeeded in making a name for herself in the industry and it was best seen in the blockbusters such as The Wolf of Wall Street, a film from 2013. She was also great in Suicide Squad.

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Personal life

She was born in Australia, i.e. in Dalby, Queensland and she was born on the 2nd July 1990. The thing that marked her childhood was the fact that her parents slit and divorced when she was just a girl. She stayed with her mother and her two brothers. It should be also mentioned that she was brought up on a farm.

She was only 10 when she started to work and earn some money. It should be also mentioned that she had three jobs when she was just 16. Acting was her passion from the earliest age and this is the reason why she studied drama in high school and why she decided to go to Melbourne and try herself as an actress.


Her career was very modest and the first thing she did were a couple of commercials and some roles in Australian movies, independent ones. The first time she got a bit serious role was in 2008 and she acted in a soap opera that was filmed in Australia and was called Neighbors. In 2010 she decided to go to Hollywood and try to make a success there. The first role she got there was in a short-lived show called Pan Am.


This was a crucial role for her since she got a big opportunity by acting in a comedy called About Time. During the same year she acted in a huge hit called The Wolf of Wall Street. This was the film that launched her career into the stars. After these two, she acted only in big projects some of which include Focus from 2015 and Suicide Squad from 2016. Her role and acting in I, Tonya from 2017 got her a great recognition since she got a nomination for a Golden Globe Best Actress Award for that role.

Other projects

She is a gorgeous woman and this is the reason why she started representing Calvin Klein in 2016. Apart from this one, she also has many other endorsements such as those for Cain Laurent, Gucci, Nissan etc.


She has succeeded in cashing in her career and buying some nice real estate for herself. First of all, she has a house in London that is one million USD worth. When she moved to LA, she bought a home for 2.73 million USD. It should be also noted that she has Nissan Leaf and Nissan BladeGlider.

Margot Robbie Net Worth 2024

She has had a very good career and she made a lot of money out of it. More precisely, her net worth is estimated to be 8 million USD,a nd the money comes from various films and other endorsements she has.