How Are Meggings the Most Suitable Piece for Your Regular Exercise?

Whenever it comes to deciding what to wear to get the optimum exercise experience and results, we get confused. With options like joggers, shorts, and meggings, the confusion in choosing the right fit just feels endless. But, hey, MATADOR MEGGINGS is here. They didn’t merely craft athleisure wear but rather engineered it.

It is much more than comfortable athletic wear that helps you while doing everyday activities. It’s a statement on its own!

With plenty of features ranging from body benefits to style, it has taken the fitness community by storm for all the right reasons. Meggings were created with the thought of being the flagship athleisure wear, and the features are almost too good to be true. Have a look at these amazing benefits and decide for yourself!

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Inner Drawstring

No one likes doing a plank while their drawstring is hanging out, right?

Say no to a typical drawstring that ruins the perfect physique figure. Unlike joggers where you are more focused on comfort than on exercise, it really doesn’t matter if your strings are noticeable. However, it’s a totally different scenario when it comes to meggings. They are engineered in a way to give your body the right fit that helps you comfortably give your best. No more drawstring issues!

No-Slip Waistband

Who wants to adjust their outfit every time they lift weights, right? That’s the reason we have seen a drastic transition from people wearing joggers to meggings. Meggings offer a no-slip waistband that allows you to focus on the task ahead: sets, reps, and weights.

Modesty Pad

Unlike the so-called leggings for men out there in the market, this brand understands how unique both genders are and designed the meggings keeping male’s anatomy in mind. The modesty pad is a signature add-on of their brand and their ground-breaking athleisure wear. It gives you the authority over who sees your, you know what 😉 You cannot work out and stay confident with everyone assuming your religion.

Stay confident. Stay mysterious.

Zipper pocket

If you are a fitness freak, we know that social life isn’t probably just limited to the gym, work, and home. You can be a cyclist, a parkour guy, or a model (we bet you are). In such circumstances, you are ought to carry your essentials, like your keys, your wallet, among others.

Joggers offer open and close pockets, but since they are not engineered for exercise and tilt towards the comfort side, keeping your essentials in it either puts it at risk of losing, falling, or feeling irritating while performing an exercise. Whereas, meggings hold the upper hand here as they are designed in a particular way to manage both tasks effortlessly.

Open Pocket

Open pocket gives you an edge to not mix your essentials such as keys with your smartphone (your literal second life) and damage it. We found the open pocket to be super comfortable. Want to shoot a reel? A post-workout picture? Or just quickly stopping on your cycle journey to take a snap? The open pocket keeps your second life safe and near.

Sweat-wicking performance fabric

Here comes a crucial element that can be the winning argument! Even if we leave all the other aspects aside (which we can’t because they are too good, this element alone is sure to change your mind. Meggings are thoughtfully designed to be the best athletic wear.

What it does is, it takes all the sweat and helps your muscle relax and transfers oxygen in the right way and amount that can help you get that proper posture, hit the right muscles, and helps in recovery too.

Apart from its awesome sweat wicking abilities, meggings are made using multiple layers of flatlock stitching which makes them durable and capable of handling extreme conditions like heat or cold with ease.

T-shirt/Towel loop

This is the coolest and the most underrated feature of the meggings. Something that no other form of athleisure wear can do or look really flawless while doing so!

Up for a quick photo shoot, or are you just tired of wearing a drenched t-shirt? The towel loop makes sure your ripped physique is expressed well but not at the cost of misplacing your favorite t-shirt.

One day while mentoring yoga to a group of females, Valentine Aseyo noticed that they were wearing leggings, thus feeling comfortable and helping them focus solely on the activity. Unfortunately, men don’t have such athleisure wear that provides them with the freedom to focus on exercise and feel truly comfortable.

That’s where the idea of meggings i.e. men’s leggings was formed. After plenty of research and drawing inspiration from the Spanish bullfighters i.e. matadors of yore Valentine came up with this brand.

Why Spanish bullfighter you ask


They are emblematic of hyper masculinity. You’ve got to agree that there are very few activities that can considered masculine as much as bull fighting. However, there is always an element of grace and poise which is showcased through movement by these great Spanish bullfighters. These days men are not held back by age old norms and conventions. They are free to express themselves the way they please because meggings are the ideal way to do so. Amalgamating macho with poise, meggings are here to change the way you look at pants for men.

Everyday wear

Apart from being a perfect athleisure wear, meggings are an awesome everyday wear. You can never go wrong with black meggings for your daily life, and you can spice up things by going for a red one at the gym. The best part about these meggings is they have tons of designs and prints available.

Joggers have their own audience, and shorts come third in the competition, but if you combine the benefits of both shorts and joggers, meggings still win the game by an untouchable score.

Be it a workout, going to concerts or festivals, or an adventure trip. Meggings are your unlimited fun pass. Let go of the mediocre! Surrender to your masculinity and get yourself a pair you love.