Melbourne Airport Parking Guide

If you are going on vacation or a business trip and you own a vehicle, then you would need to park your vehicle away safely for the duration of the trip. The other major consideration is cost. In this regard, you may want to look at airport parking in Australia, especially at long term Melbourne airport parking, according to Parkos.

You may also want to consider other alternative methods for parking your vehicle. Melbourne airport is situated northwest of the city.  This is a full international airport that has flights all over the world Asia Pacific, Asia, Africa, the Americas, and Europe.  It has four different terminals, which makes Melbourne an important international airport.

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Options For Parking:

When it comes to the airport parking, there are a number of options available. The main three car parks are Melbourne Airport Parking, Ace Car Parking, and the Long Term Car Park. There are a number of other commercial operators available. All of them receive a fair number of complaints. These include delays in picking passengers up to go to the airport for check-in, bird droppings all over their vehicles, and damaged vehicles when their owners return for them.

Given these considerations, it would make a lot of sense to closely and carefully evaluate all information before you make a decision on which parking to use. For any flight, you need to make sure that you allow enough time to book in.  You would also want a stress- free return back to the city when you pick up your car.

Whether to choose long-term or short-term parking depends on the length of time you’ll need to leave your car parked. Parking up to seven days usually constitute short-term parking; if you need a longer time, then you’ll need long-term parking. For short-term parking, the car park is usually located within the airport’s premises, usually within walking distance. On the other hand, car parks for long-term parking are usually located at a distance from the airport, either outside its own land or located in a totally separate location. Short-term parking is also more expensive than long-term parking services.


Short-term airport parking is ideal for people picking up friends and family, which means a wait time of an hour or two. It would be more cost-effective in this case, as short- term airport parking is usually charged by the hour.  For longer periods, you may want to consider long term parking at the airport. They charge for parking by the day, making it the cheaper option in the long run. Once you have decided on a good long-term airport parking option, make sure you book in advance.  Space could be limited, so you need to be assured of an available slot at a car park if you are going on a long trip.

Restrictions for Long-term Parking:

There are height restrictions for short-term parking, specifically around 1.9 m to 2.1 m; there are no such restrictions for long-term airport car parks. However, large commercial trucks and trailers would not be welcome. These car parks are designed for standard saloons, SUVs, and the like.  There are also special arrangements for cycles, scooters, and motorbikes. Leaving these on the side or in a long-term car park is not allowed.

Where to find long-term Parking?

There are 16 tong-term airport parking providers, all found around the airport.  These are either off the M80, going southwest, or the M2 going northwest, close to the main International airport.

The Best Prices for Long-term Parking?

The cost of long-term airport parking varies, especially with 16 long term car parks competing for business.  You can also find a lot of “deals” online. On average, long-term airport parking costs 43.00 AUD a day. Deals for three days cost 29.50 AUD while those for seven days would cost around 48.00 AUD. The longer the parking duration, the more the unit price goes down.  A lot will also depend on the time of the year you intend to fly.

Holiday periods like Christmas may push the price up. Hunting around online or via phone may also get you a good deal.  However, you pay for what you get.  With many complaining about the kind of service they get, it’s important for you to do your research first.  Don’t go for the cheapest option either.  You need peace of mind when you board a plane; you need assurance that your car stays safe and secure while you’re away. You need careful preparation before you make a decision about long-term parking at Melbourne airport.