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Top 10 Mistakes That Fail Your Identity and Access Management Solutions

Choosing an Identity and Access Management solution is the top priority for so many businesses today because the world is finally coming to realize the magic that a good IAM solution can cast on your company’s asset: its data.

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1. Underdeveloped Goals

Clear business objectives are going to be one of the most important things that you ever do to plan the foundation of a good IAM solution for your company. The most basic and threatening mistake you can commit will be not having an IT Architectural Vision that is based on clear-cut business objectives. If you are putting up underdeveloped goals and are unable to really and fully understand the breadth of the solution, you are really just putting the lid on the identity and access management program by not letting it do its job fully.

2. Missing Out On Infrastructure Component Analysis

When you miss out on infrastructure component analysis, you miss out on a whole lot. Risk assessment is something even the most thriving of companies should do for themselves. A risk assessment tells you what the worst-case scenario would look like and how you can power through it. This also includes judging your IT systems for the kind of strengths and weaknesses that they have. Capability analysis is important and so is having suitable infrastructure planning. Detachment from the world of business will leave you without ideas and in a rut. Remedy that and analyze the infrastructure component in depth.

3. Lack Of A Road Map

Road Map


It must be understood that the IAM solution is, after all, a part of the company’s full IT strategy, and isolating it into something of its own just detach it from the bigger picture. This leads to an uncoordinated mess where different sections of the company opt for a discrete IAM solution of their own and nobody really wins. Combing everything becomes unnecessarily hard and you just do not need that kind of mess in your system. That is extra work no one signed up for.

4. Misfit IAM Product Selection

It is a no-brainer that your business is going to adapt and change over the course of the coming years and one of the most important mistakes related to your IAM solutions will be that of not taking into consideration the products involved. You need to align the capabilities of the IAM solution with that of the overall business objectives. Not only do you have to focus on how your business will deal with it currently but also how it will when changes take place. Since change is inevitable, you might want to plan and think it through.

5. Unclear Post Production Phase Ideals

Unclear post-production ideals are what end up in a messy finish. It is very clear from the beginning that when the production phase ends, it has to have chalked out, crystal clear roles and responsibilities charted out for it. Not doing that will lead to a very rough transition with multiple errors at multiple times in multiple places. The bigger goal is to have a very neatly defined system of roles and responsibilities for the users that will result in an excellent end-user community!

6. No Real Idea Of Scalability



Mergers are going to happen. Acquisitions are going to happen. It is now a reality in the modern-day business world that one company will swallow another one and that is where one IAM will have to merge with another. There will be trends in technology and an ever-growing IT sector of the company that needs to be kept in mind when choosing an IAM Solution. This mistake will inhibit the growth of your business or slow it down really badly.

7. Ignoring The Project Management Principles

Project management principles are the basis of any project that you will take up. Not aligning all the stakeholders together and not bringing them all to the same page will damage your productivity greatly. When implementing an IAM system, it is absolutely necessary to follow the principles and regulatory compliances that help out with the smooth running of your project and consequently, work for the well-being of the company. Ignoring these project management principles will ultimately land your company in hot waters.

8. Lack Of Training

Most of the time the implementation of an IAM software solution is seen as something only pertaining to the core IT team and the users are not made aware of the extent and impact of this new “thing” running the show behind the screens. Familiarizing your users is the number one task that needs to be dealt with. They must be educated on the extent and scale of the IAM solution while also being taught how to use it to maximize their productivity and range.

9. Relying Too Much On Automation



Relying too much too soon on automation might land you in trouble. It is natural to want to push all your applications and systems under the automated umbrella once the IAM solution shows you how beautifully it can automate the identity lifecycle. But hold on, take a step back, let the system run smoothly, and slowly introduce each new application and each new system. Cluttering it all at once will not ease your problems but actually amplify and double them up for you to troubleshoot.

10. Choosing The Right IAM Solution

So this is all it comes to, choosing the right IAM solution for your company that would lift it higher and higher and every system smoother, safer, and compatible. does that and it does that well. With years of experience as the top IAM service provider, they have nailed the IAM solution game. Reliability and trustworthiness are trademark skills of the team at and they have the track record to prove it! So if you are going to hand over the most delicate asset of your company to another, it should be one that has an age-old tradition of building and keeping the clientele’s trust.