Modern Baby Names for Boys and Girls in 2024

There is probably no greater joy in life than welcoming your child into this world. And although becoming a parent is quite an exciting and thrilling experience, it is also accompanied with a lot of responsibilities. Taking care of your baby and making sure that all their needs are met is essential, there is another task at hand that is both lovely and fun, yet overwhelming and intimidating too – choosing your child‘s name.

While many people might have an idea of what they are looking for, others might not even know where to start. It does not become any easier once family and friends get involved, enthusiastically giving suggestions and opinions of their own. However, the ultimate decision should always be up to you and your partner.

So, if you are going to be a parent soon and still do not know what to name your child, here are some great modern and trendy ideas to inspire you and help get you started. Who knows, you might even end up loving one of them.

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For Boys


Casper is an ancient moniker of Persian and Dutch descent. Derived from Jasper it stands for treasurer. Today, it is a trendy name popular in Scandinavia, especially the Netherlands where it sometimes also appears in its shortened version – Cas.


The name Jax is not traditional or old, in fact, it is a modern invented one. Possibly a cooler version of Jackson, Jax was popularized in the hit TV show ‘Sons Of Anarchy‘, Jackson Jax Teller. It has steadily grown in popularity ever since the show aired.


Made famous by Zane Grey, a novelist, the moniker might or might not be a variation of John. Zayn of Arabic origin and Zane are pronounced exactly the same but have a completely different root and meaning. While the former means beautiful, the latter stands for God is gracious.


Ash is the shortened form of Ashton or Asher, has an English origin, and stands for an ash tree. It carries a Southern charm and a dashing appeal and your boy might be happy to carry the same name as Ash Ketchum, the main character of Pokemon, once he grows up.


Deriving from the Greek language, it initially stands for dark red, although it can stand several other things. It is a symbol of immortality since it is the name of the bird that was reborn from its ashes and it is also a place in Arizona. Phoenix is very hip and trendy and it is unisex too.

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For Girls


A variation of Eva or Eve, the moniker is gorgeous and feminine, perfect for a beautiful little girl. It has primarily Latin origins, a word meaning bird, although it has origins in the Hebrew, Persian, and German language as well. Even though it sounds very modern, it is actually much older and has a few other meanings such as voice, desire, and life. It is perfect in its shortness and simplicity and has been growing in popularity in recent years.


From the Hebrew and Arabic languages, it stands for a princess or to blossom. It was used in early movies, plays, and novels, and received an upper-class status once the British princess Anne gave her daughter this exotic name. Other variations include Zarah, Zaharah, or Zora.


One of the trendiest names in the world, Mila has Russian and Slavic origin where it was used as a nickname for names such as Milena, Ludmila, and Milica before it became one on its own. Meaning dear, sweet, and gracious, it is truly feminine and beautiful.


Natalia or Talia has origins in Hebrew and Australian Aboriginal languages and stands for heaven‘s gentle dew or next to the water. Common in Russia, it has gained popularity over time in other places in the world as well. Thalia, Natalie, and Tali are just some variations of Talia.


Although it stands for water, it comes from the Spanish Amalia, Greek mythology, and Hebrew. As the variation of Maia, the moniker also has connections to Roman mythology, relating to the goddess of spring after whom the month of May was named. In Sanskrit it stands for illusion, making it both a mystical and exotic name to carry.

How to Pick?

There is not really a formula on how to choose one, although there are certain things one should take into consideration. Narrow down names that you like and try saying them aloud or in a sentence as if you were talking about them. Listen to how each of them sounds. Is it appealing or is it a bit harsh to hear?

What kind of significance does it have to you? Do you care about what it means? You should definitely ask yourself these questions. Now, keep in mind that, even if your family is slightly pressurizing you to choose a certain moniker, do not feel obliged to listen to them. The child is yours and only you and your partner should have a say in it.

Pay attention to the initials since funny ones might result in unpleasant situations, especially once your child becomes a teenager and adult. The same applies to jokes, puns, or anything else that can have your son or daughter teased and laughed at by their peers. Just stay away from them.

Lastly, it is completely fine to choose names from pop culture, your cultural heritage, or religion


What you call your boy or girl is the one thing they will carry for the rest of their lives. And while it might great to opt for something unique and out of this world, have in mind that it is not always the best choice. You can still pick something modern and trendy, but that is timeless as well.

Take your time, communicate with your partner, and think very carefully about what you are going to choose since it is often said that our personality is, in some way or another, defined by our name.