Motor Transport – Career Opportunities

The profession of a driver, especially the drivers of large trucks traveling across Europe, attracts many young people. Freedom on the road and a passion for driving make up the reputation of the captains of the country road.

However, little is known about the complete job description of the professional driver: professional drivers can train themselves further and specialize. A career as a dispatcher or a change to the commercial department of a freight forwarder is possible. Qualification as a master craftsman in motor transport, which offers opportunities for advancement in the learned profession, is also nearby.

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Career advancement through a master class

Every truck driver who has a degree as a professional driver and can already prove several years of practical experience is admitted to the examination at the IHK. However, for a successful final examination, it is necessary to complete a corresponding master course.

Courses for master craftsmen in motor transport are offered both part-time and full-time. The offered contents prepare the participants optimally for the examination before the IHK. Contents are the organization of the vehicle fleet, operational sequences as well as the personnel responsible for the truck drivers.

Especially for the observance of rest periods and driving times there are exact legal requirements which have to be constantly monitored. The tasks of the Bachelor Professional of Transport Management also include the new acquisition of the vehicle fleet. The duration of the course is between 6 months full-time and two years part-time – read more here.

Specialisation for safe driving

Drivers of hazardous goods transporters and car transporters have a great responsibility. Not only do they have to be particularly responsible on the roads, they also transport dangerous and extremely valuable freight. There are therefore special courses for truck drivers of hazardous goods transporters: ADR courses are available for drivers of dangerous goods in general cargo and bulk goods transport.

Advanced courses are offered for drivers of tankers of all dangerous goods classes. Special Class 1 advanced courses entitle the driver to transport explosives. If you would like to specialize as a driver for car transport, you will also find corresponding offers. Here the goods to be transported are usually very valuable: construction vehicles, high-quality new cars or even vintage cars must be transported from A to B well secured.

Opportunities for advancement through further training

In addition to the master’s examination and specialization, there are other career paths for professional drivers in the industry. Transportation specialists are entrusted with both commercial and organizational work in a haulage company or a forwarding agency.

The qualification is usually by a remote study, which lasts between 15 and 24 months. Prerequisites for the study are completed training as a professional driver and at least one year of professional experience. If you complete your studies full-time, you will already have graduated after three months.

Training as a motor vehicle technician also offers interesting career opportunities for professional drivers: Maintenance, repair and distribution of trucks or spare parts are part of his tasks. He is also responsible for vehicle production and the development of new vehicles. Full-time training lasts two years and is organized on a full-time basis.

Learning is worth it

In addition to more fun and responsibility at work, further training for professional drivers definitely pays off: Depending on the federal state, there is a salary of around 2,900 euros for a master craftsman, motor vehicle technicians can expect a gross salary of around 4,000 euros and transport specialists earn 2,400 euros, depending on the employer.