3 Important Things to Know Before Moving to a Bigger Office – 2024 Guide

When the business starts developing fast, it is necessary to recognize the needs of your employees and think about a bigger space. Depending on the work you do, you may need bigger offices to give your employees enough space to be creative or simply to improve the efficiency of the entire staff. When it comes to moving to the other location, there are some guidelines that can help you to organize everything well. Keep reading about the essential tips that will help you to be as efficient as possible.

Plan everything well


You may have the entire set of things for your offices, but considering that you will be moving to a bigger space, you may need to purchase more office material and invest in new furniture. It is important to make a list of all the things you will need and set a budget you are ready to spend.

Considering that the bigger office also means more devices used, think about purchasing Phone Signal Booster. Being able to communicate with your clients whenever they need you is essential for a successful business. It is the prime thing to keep in mind, to do everything you can to be reachable during every minute of the working hours.

This will prevent all unnecessary expenses and help you navigate through this process easily. Also, it is very important to delegate all the tasks equally, so no one is overburdened with too many tasks. Planning every aspect of the move may take a little bit of your time, but it will help you in the long run because you will be sure that nothing is forgotten and that there will not be too much of the unexpected situations for you to handle.

Also, it is necessary to measure the new space and plan how the office furniture will be placed. It is necessary to think about the way it should be organized so that your staff can easily communicate, especially when working together closely. Make sure you order all the necessary things in advance, so there are no delays or frustration. Keep in mind that all the licenses, permits and paperwork should be signed and ready to be sent where it’s necessary. Keep your assistant close, because moving is a huge thing to do, so every help is appreciated. Keep a notebook near you, so you can write down all the important things, so you don’t forget.

Timing is crucial


After planning everything carefully, you must execute the moving as fast as possible. Considering that for most companies taking a vacation for the entire staff is not possible, because it would cost a lot of money and it would be a great inconvenience for all the clients, it is necessary to make sure that all the meetings are pushed at least 2 or 3 days after the move until you manage to put everything together.

Make sure you inform your clients about your new address, so there are no problems or conflicts if you missed a call or two. Communication is the key, but also the right timing. Don’t move when you are completely overwhelmed with work. Choose to move everything during the weekend or the days when there is less work. In addition, it is always useful to set deadlines for your employees, because this way everything world is finished more efficiently, with minimal waste of time.

Contact the right people


You need to communicate well with your landlord where you used to have an office, so you can confirm all the dates in advance. Also, make sure you contact the future building manager to confirm all the arrangements and ask about the security in the building. If it’s included in the rent, that is perfect, but if it’s not, then you need to contact a security company that will be in charge are protecting your offices.

Also, you will need a removal company you can arrange everything with them. Some companies do the packing themselves and transfer everything to the new address, while others expect you to pack everything. Make sure you ask everything you want to know, say you can arrange everything in advance. Keep in mind that you will need to inform all the suppliers about your new address and make sure they know the dates, so there are no misunderstandings whatsoever. Order new business cards with updated phone numbers and addresses. Check everything concerning phones and the internet ahead of time, because you need a fully functioning office as soon as you move in.


Don’t forget to communicate with your team on a daily basis, so you are fully aware of all the processes occurring in the company and the progress of the moving. Show your appreciation to your staff and include them in every aspect of the move. This will also be a way to create a better relationship with your colleagues. Make sure you ask for feedback along the way because it may ease the entire process and help you realize what can be done better. Also, when the move is done, ask for feedback from your team and see what you can do to help your team function better.

These are the essential tips that will help you organize the move a little easier. Of course, there are a lot of things that will need to be addressed along the way. If you feel too anxious about managing everything, then it would be a good idea to assign this task to someone you trust and then check in with them about the important decisions that need to be made.

Moving can be stressful, there is no doubt about that, but keep in mind that creating checklists will help you a lot in managing everything calmly. Remember, once you inform your clients about the move and contact the essential people for the process, with the help of your staff, the rest will come easy.