Finding Musical Inspiration In The Big Apple

It is an almost impossible task to underestimate the power that music holds. Whether it can empower, shock, entertain or evoke emotions and uncover feelings, music has an extraordinary power of bringing people together, regardless of their background.

Becoming a musician and finding inspiration for music is an exciting time. However, it can be deflating living in a small town, where very little happens. Finding inspiration can be tough, especially when there are hardly any experiences to have. One of the best ways to experience life and its various moments can be visiting or living in a big city.

Living in a big city, such as New York, you are exposed to an endless selection of opportunities and experiences. The city is referred to by many as the capital of live music, due to it being home to some of the most iconic music venues like Lincoln Center, Carnegie Hall, Madison Square Garden, and Radio City Music Hall.

Whether you live in the city or are there for a few days, there are various areas that any music lover should visit during their time in New York. These places could help to spark inspiration in your music or it could even motivate you into spending time perfecting how you place your chosen instrument.
Being in such a grand city, musical inspiration lies around every corner. It is just a case of finding inspiration and making the most out of ideas when they strike.

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Collaborate With Fellow Musicians

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There is a bustling music scene throughout the city, with different areas showcasing various genres and styles of music. Even if you do not have many friends living within the city, various musicians are performing at open-mic nights, playing a set in a small bar, many of whom would be welcoming of collaborating with you.

Despite what you may think, creating music does not have to be a lonely experience. Working with like-minded musicians who share your passion for music, can help you discover the right melody or find the right lyrics. In addition to this, their knowledge and style can be huge influences on how you approach writing a song or thinking of a melody.

Head To The Studio

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Some people choose to invest in their own equipment, and if you decide to do that, you can find useful information at Audio Assemble. But across New York, there are little pockets within the city that are home to a recording studio, ready to record your music. For instance, if you live in Brooklyn, you might look for a Brooklyn recording studio as not only is it close by but it is also home to extraordinary art and buildings that can spark inspiration on your commute to the studio. Places like Pirate Studios allow you the chance of recording your music in Brooklyn, in their well-equipped studios that can help you to capture moments of your creativity whenever they may spark. For example, be sure to check

While some musicians find inspiration late at night, outside on a walk or even in a café, some musicians find being in the studio helps them to piece together concepts, melodies and lyrics together to create songs. If this is you, finding a studio, whether it is a Brooklyn recording studio or one in another borough, could help you with creating songs that you love and are proud of. Songs that will, hopefully, one day make their way onto someone’s favourite playlist.

Explore The City

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It is not just the music New York is known for. There are stunning parks, extraordinary architecture, museums filled with art and diversity brimming in all boroughs. Take time to explore the city, going into areas that you have yet to visit. You may be surprised with the street art you find, the various genres of music you hear as you walk the streets and even the fashion of the people you pass by. All are factors that spark an idea you can build on as you travel home.

Open To Possibilities

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Living in a big city, or even visiting one can be an exciting time. As such it is important to be open to any opportunities that might present themselves. In doing so, you could find yourself experiencing moments that might spark inspiration in the form of either a melody, a lyric or even a concept for a song.

There are plenty of places across New York that can help you with finding inspiration to write music. From attractions to parks, even looking at the architecture, there is so much to see and things to do in New York.

Once you have an idea of what you want to write, there are studios available across the city ready and waiting for you to record your music. Inspiration comes from breaking your current habits and being open to new things, this includes breaking away from your current style of writing or creating music and trying a new approach. You could surprise yourself with what you create when you open yourself up to trying new approaches.

In Conclusion

Ultimately, you just need to make the most of your creativity. This article has covered most things but at the end of the day, only you know what makes you tick. Whether its getting out of your house and into a recording studio, going for a walk before heading back in to write, or even bouncing ideas off of one another over social networking, you need to do what is best for you.

Finding creativity is a lot about your surroundings. Not only surround yourself with the right equipment but also the right people. At the end of the day, that is why New York is one of the best places to find your inspiration that could lead to that breakout musical masterpiece. It’s got state of the art tech but also has people willing to help. One of the best ways to make it in any industry is through connections. It can be done via social networking but is there a better excuse to go travelling and visit The Big Apple than using it as a way to boost your music career? Of course not!

Get out there and find your inspiration today.