Must Have Equipment and Tools for Your Garage

Owning a garage as a part of your home has tons of benefits. However, if your garage is not equipped the way it should be, you are missing out a lot. Garages are truly amazing. You can keep your car in them, you can use them as your personal workshop or you can make them a great place to chill or even throw a smaller party every now and then.

Today we’re going to focus on the more mechanical and technical part of a garage, and we’re going to talk about necessary equipment and tools that you must have. Since it’s a pretty interesting subject and there’s a lot to talk about, we’re going to end this introduction here and jump straight into the content. Let’s take a look.

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A reliable heating system

Now that summer is finally over and the heat is gone, we face yet another problem which is the complete opposite thing from the previous one. The temperatures during winter can sometimes drop way below the zero mark, and of course, this will depend on your living location, but usually winters are pretty cold, especially if you have absolutely zero heating solutions in your garage.

If you want to spend your time working there during the winter, you should invest in some kind of a heating system. This can be anything that you prefer, from an AC to a portable heating panel. It doesn’t matter what you’re going to choose, just make sure that you are not freezing while spending your time at your garage.

Proper lightning

A garage is not very useful if you can’t really see anything inside it. Proper lightning is always welcomed at places like this, and unless you have windows, you’ll need lightning even for working during the day. There are many viable solutions for this, and there aren’t really any rules when it comes to how you want to lighten up your place, so feel free to choose the method that seems the most affordable and effective to you.

You can use a single but powerful lamp, or a few light bulbs that will be spread out across the entire garage. Either wire them to all be turned on with just one button, or make it possible to control each one of them separately in case you want to customize the atmosphere.

A set of screwdrivers

Whenever you’re trying to fix something, there is a 99% percent chance that you will use a screwdriver. These tools are just so important to have at any home, regardless if you are a hardware person or not yourself.

One screwdriver might do the trick in a certain situation, but make sure to have an entire set that will allow you to have a solution for every tricky scenario. Hang the entire set somewhere on your garage wall and mark each one of them by their type so that you won’t waste any times when you need to quickly find the one you need.

A fire extinguisher

Safety always comes first, and this thing will not only keep your garage a lot more secure from fires but your entire home as well. Instead of having your fire extinguisher somewhere in your main living area where anyone can see it or children can touch it, leave one or two of them at the garage for emergency situations. This isn’t really a tool, but you will be so glad to have it in case a fire starts in your home. Definitely an amazing investment.

Car Lift

According to Workshop Equipment Store a garage without a car lift is completely missing out its purpose. If you have a garage, sooner or later you’ll need to perform a certain DIY repair in your vehicle, but that isn’t really possible without a proper car lift. These things don’t really cost all that much, and they are an absolutely great investment if you are a car fanatic that regularly performs tweaks and upgrades to their vehicle. Make sure to invest in one.

All the required wrenches

There are many different types of wrenches that people use for various things, and you need to have all of them if you want to be the certified hardware person in your neighborhood. Jokes aside, these things are very useful, and almost every item that you have in your home nowadays that might need fixing will probably require you to use a wrench anyway.

One is not enough, just like what we told you about the screwdrivers, so make sure to get a set that contains wrenches of all sizes and various types. Hang them on the wall and mark them accordingly so that you won’t waste any time when you need to choose the one you need.

An Air compressor

Whether you’re going to use this for your car’s tires or for your kid’s basketball, it is pretty useful in both scenarios. A garage without a proper air compressor is not really complete, so make sure to grab one for your place. They don’t cost a lot but are able to save you a lot of time when you need to inflate something very quickly. Beach accessories are also huge fans of air compressors.

A first aid kit

This isn’t exactly a tool, but just like the fire extinguisher, you will be really grateful that you’ve bought it in case you ever need to stitch a wound or stop a bleeding. If you use your garage as a workshop, chances are that sooner or later you will run into a few minor injuries. That’s just how life goes when you’re around a lot of hardware. First aid kids are mandatory, so don’t be afraid of purchasing one.

Tire Pressure Meter

We all know already that getting into your vehicle and heading on the road without checking your tire pressure is a safety hazard. Avoid anything bad happening to you or your family by doing this mistake, and purchase a tire pressure meter that can help you gain some insight on what’s going on inside your car’s tires. Along with the air compressor that we mentioned earlier, they make the perfect combination for “healthy” car tires.