Office Moves For Your Small Business: Quick Tips To Make It Work For You

If you’re a small business owner, chances are you want the best location to set up shop to ensure everything is according to plan with regards to efficiency and practicality. You might have chosen a new office location for its convenience and ease-of-access, or perhaps you’ve finally attained the means to downsize or upsize your operations. Regardless of the reasons, chances are, it’s all part of your plan to continue running your business properly.

Of course, before you can enjoy the benefits of operating a small business in a better location, you need to secure your office move first. Unfortunately, for a small business, the time it would take for you to properly move might jeopardize some of your operations and even sales. However, just because you’re moving as a small business doesn’t mean you have to undertake these risks. With the right planning and the right tips, your small business can pull off an office move properly. Here are some quick tips:

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  • Prepare everything you need in terms of documents and submissions. One of the first things you should do once you finalize your decision for an office move is to ensure that everything you need in terms of documentation and other requirements is submitted and filed in the necessary offices. This way, you can ensure that you’re avoiding any form of complications that may arise by the time you finish packing your things and by the time you move into your new office. These include repairing things such as requirements for utilities or even insurance, as well as things your office landlord might need from you.
  • Assign a skeleton crew to ensure operations and sales remain functional while other employees help with the move. Organizing your team is an essential next step when it comes to an office move in order to ensure that everything runs smoothly even if you and other members of your team have to manage packing and moving other items. You can do this more efficiently by assembling employers to function as a skeleton crew to ensure that your sales and operations remain functional even if you have to go out to fix parts of your move or even during the moving day itself. Likewise, it helps to have a dedicated team of employees that could help you with other aspects of the move such as helping to submit documents and pack the things at the office.
  • Create an inventory with precise and accurate information about your belongings. An inventory remains as one of the best ways for your company to keep track of the various items and equipment that you own and are currently using for your operations. Additionally, creating an inventory spreadsheet allows you to frequently and periodically modify the information on items that arrive for operations. Likewise, an inventory helps you determine which items can be considered redundancies. This way, your inventory can be a great way in helping you know which items in your office need repairs or even replacement.

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  • Pack across weeks in order to avoid the pressure of the move. A fatal flaw in some office moves is that some companies tend to push back on their packing days that they rush the packing process just days before the move. As a result, company’s risk losing valuable time and energy they could have used to improve operations or even watch out various campaigns that they have a while to move into. To avoid these complications, companies are advised to pay attention when they plan on packing their equipment and items in order to ensure that they only do it at times of the day where employees and other members of the team won’t experience any blockers in their work.
  • Incorporate a marketing spin to the office move. One of the best ways one can benefit from an office move is to incorporate it into your marketing process. For instance, your company might want to create a social media campaign or an email blast that helps you inform old customers that you’re moving locations because of other factors. Likewise, you may even want to try attracting new customers to travel to your new location via promos, discounts, and other incentives. This way, you ensure that you’re still trying to maintain a sizable following while having to move to your new office.
  • Consider getting ample storage space for perishables and sensitive equipment. If you’ve noticed that you’re not fully prepared to move all your equipment to your new office but would have to leave your old office, then you might want to consider getting a storage unit. Such units can be extremely useful when dealing with things such as perishables and even sensitive equipment. With the help of storage units, you can ensure that items such as your products or even equipment such as computers will remain safe and sound while you prepare your office for occupation. Thankfully, these units often come with temperature control and other controlling variables that allow you to ensure that the items you store for your company will remain safe.
  • Hire professionals to assist with the logistics and difficult tasks. If you’re having trouble organizing your team for the move, perhaps companies like Roadway Moving can help. Professional office movers have the skill set and the equipment as well as the training required to allow companies to conduct various forms of office moves for their convenience. These moving teams have more efficient approaches and strategies with regard to the full optimization of the moving process to benefit your company. This means they can help you with both the heavy-lifting as well as other concerns such as your moving documents.

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Office Moves For Small Businesses: Make It Work

With the above tips in mind, it’s important to remember that your office move doesn’t necessarily have to be difficult just because you have a small business. In fact, even with a busy schedule, you and your crew may be able to handle your office move. Remember, it takes the proper planning and the right execution in order to fully integrate your move with the rest of your operations.

However, successfully doing this will allow you to have a smooth-sailing and streamlined office move that won’t risk anything with regards to your overall operations and sales.