How To Open An Internet Café

Since the last decade, the use of computers has become a vital part of daily life. Earlier the use of computers was limited to specific domains but now from big to small every task is done from computer. For people who do not own a computer system or people who are on vacation but still need to access computers, for them Internet café play a life saviour. Considering the increasing demand, more and more people have started targeting Internet café for earning good money in an enjoyable way. Let’s take a look into the systematic steps involved in opening an Internet café:

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Proper Planning


Before starting any business it is very crucial to have an idea about how it will be established. Firstly decide the audiences you wish to target and the services you wish to offer. 

  • Personally visit a nearby café to have an idea about how the setup is done and what all enhancements can be done for better look and comfort. Also, on a friendly note talk to the owner of the business to know about the advantages and challenges of the business.
  • Once the base plan is ready, the next step is to investigate the feasibility of the same. Look for an appointment location for setting the café. Location should be such where the demand for an Internet café is high but the competition is relatively low. Avoid the location where people with high income reside, this is because the chances for them having their own computer system is very high and they do not need Internet café.
  • Estimate the initial investment required for setting up an Internet café, which includes purchasing computer systems, required furniture, software, hardware and other amenities. Approximate price of computer equipment and furniture can be searched online or by visiting a physical store.
  • Note down each and every detail related to the setting of Internet café, such as purchase of computer and related equipment, long-term investment on operational cost, research result performed on the market of Internet cafe and identify the ways by which you can earn profit over a period of time. In simple words create a comprehensive business plan. This plan should be in detail comprising marketing plan operations plan, financial planning, marketing search, race management and so on. Experts suggest that success of any business majorly depends on the business plan.

Finding Investment


Before starting a new business one should have enough financial support to manage initial investment and also the operational cost. If you do not have a wide amount of investment ready then there is nothing to worry as you can anytime for a loan facility. You can also start the business in partnership so that investment requirement is divided among the partners. 

Operating cost includes external expenses such as getting a licence for the new business, different permits, insurance, security,  maintenance of computer systems and other equipment, salaries of assistants( if any). People who wish to cut down on their operating cost either take the equipment on rent or opt for purchasing used equipment. This saves a lot of money and also cuts down the operating cost.

Look for an Appropriate Location 

Selection has a very important role to play in setting an Internet cafe according to Senet. One should look for a place where the possibility of having stable and causal customers are very high. 

  • Location nearby colleges, schools and Government establishments meant I considered good for setting up an Internet café.  In addition, locations nearby popular hotels are also good as travellers often require computer access for their urgent requirement.
  • Take help from experienced commercial property agents. These agents are experienced enough to guide about the perfect location for different business types. Taking help from them requires some additional expenses but it saves a lot of time and helps in getting the right location within the budget. Contact management and explain them about your business type, preferences and the budget. Agents will look for the property that will best suit your specifications. 
  • Another very interesting alternative for people having limited investment is to take over an existing internet Cafe with all the facilities and said customer base. The benefit of this approach is that one gets to earn profit from the very first month of starting the business. Now the question is who can help in getting such an established Cafe? The answer is the commercial real estate agents can be of great help in this regard.

Choose a Name


Brand Name is an identity of your business that acts as a distinguishing factor from other businesses. Having an attractive and resonating means can be of great help in setting a loyal customer base and also by attracting new customers. Never make the mistake of copying the name of a well established Internet cafe, this is so because it can have a legal impact on your business. It is always advised to have a unique and interesting name of your Internet cafe. You can take help from different online sites that can help you with a list of unique names to select from.

Required License And Permits 

It is always a good idea to register your business with the state government. This will give a legal acceptance to your business and will also ensure that no other business can copy your brand name. Also, take permission from the state department of taxation. One needs to maintain a proper record of all the sales made and profit earned. Based on this tax is calculated. Having required license and permit help is avoiding any legal consequences.

Following the above steps helps is establishing an Internet café exactly the way it is planned and at minimum expense. Planning requires a lot of time but in the long run saves a lot of money and also makes the business systematic and organised.