OSRS: Low Level Money Making Guide – 2024 Guide

There are many ways of making money in Oldschool Runescape. The problem is, so many of the ‘good’ money makers require high skills, a high combat level, or require you to have the money for gear and supplies already.

As a lower-level account, another issue with making money is the amount of competition for resources, whether that be other players or pesky bots.

Here are a few ideas on money-making methods that are lesser-known, allowing you to get in on the action.

Low-level Runecrafting Money Making

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To many people, possibly including yourself, Runecrafting is too tedious of a skill. But that’s the beauty of it. So many people shy away from Runecrafting, creating the space for you to make some serious cash.

One of the lowest level Runecrafting methods for money-making only requires 13+ Runecrafting. Complete the Abyss Miniquest and do a few altar runs, and you’re there already! For this particular method, you will need to have the Digsite quest complete and 49 Magic.

You’re going to be making Mud Runes. These are combination runes requiring you to have Binding Necklaces and Water Talismans, Water Runes, an Earth Tiara, of course, your Pure Essence.
The teleportation method used in this method are the Digsite Pendant and Rings of Duelling.

Each run is like this:
• Fill Inventory (Digsite Pendant, Water Talisman, Water Runes and rest Pure Essence)
• Teleport to the Digsite
• Run North-West to the Earth Altar
• Enter the Altar
• Use your talisman on the altar
• Teleport to Castle Wars
• Repeat

If you have 50+ Runecrafting, it is worth using your Runecraft Pouches. Note that using pouches will require one extra Water Talisman per trip as you will perform two separate crafts.

Before you reach 50 Runecrafting, you can expect this method to earn you roughly 500K/H depending on your speed and the current prices. At 50+ Runecrafting, allowing you to do two crafts each run, you can see upwards of 800K/H profit. This method is also a great form of experience for Runecrafting for lower levels.

Low-Level Combat Money Making

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Combat methods for good money making are hard to come by. Most NPCs at a low level don’t drop much of value, and any that do are overpopulated with players. But, here’s a niche option for you that should result in you being able to make some cash while training your combat skills.

For this method, it is suggested to have 40+ Combat. You will also need to have completed the Ardougne Medium diaries and the quest: Tower of Life.

In this method, you’ll be gathering Spider Eggs in the Tower of Life. In terms of gear, you’ll need some food for survival if your defense is very low (Lobsters), suitable Armor (Rune is fine), and the best weapon you can equip. The teleportation methods used are Rings of Duelling and the Ardougne Cloak 2.

You will need a few sardines (1 for each kill) and around 12 Red Spider Eggs to start.

The method is as follows:
• Prepare your inventory (12 sardines, 12 spider eggs, food)
• Teleport to the Monastery (Ardougne Cloak 2)
• Run North-East to the Tower (To the basement)
• The altar is in the South-West corner
• Use sardine on the altar
• Kill the Spidine that spawns
• Continue to do this, picking up the drops
• Castle Wars teleport to bank

This is a viable method for lower combat levels, reaching 500K/H or more when the prices are good. This isn’t the best way to train if you’re focused on combat experience as there are much better XP/h methods for that. As a money-making combat method at low levels, though, this is a fantastic method.

Low-Level Blast Furnace Money Making

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The Blast Furnace is often over-looked for lower-level Smithing training. However, with it vastly reducing the amount of Coal used to make Bars, the cost is also reduced, leaving much more space to profit.

To start with this method, you will need at least level 15 Smithing and the completion of the Giant Dwarf quest. It would also be recommended to have weight-reducing clothing, such as Graceful, Boots of Lightness, or a Spotted/Spottier Cape. A Coal Bag has enormous benefits for these methods for convenience and speed; however, that will take a little time mining to get. But, you’ll get some Coal to use doing that too!

You will need some cash to start with this method as you’ll need to buy yourself the supplies to smelt. If you don’t have cash to start, you could buy OSRS Gold from Divica Sales.

There’s not too many necessary, although purchasing a bunch makes it easier. You will also require buckets of water. You can fill these at the Blast Furnace if you don’t have many.

The method is simple, you place the amount of Ore and Coal required into the furnace, and the Bars are created. Use the bucket of water on the bar to cool it so your character can pick that up. Bank the Bars, withdraw more Ore, and repeat.

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You can make the following Bars:
• Iron Bars – 15 Smithing – 1 Iron Ore (150K/h)
• Steel Bars – 30 Smithing – 1 Iron Ore + 1 Coal (600K/h)
• Mithril Bars – 50 Smithing – 1 Mithril Ore + 2 Coal (350K/h)
• Adamant Bars – 70 Smithing – 1 Adamant Ore + 3 Coal (780K/h)
• Runite Bars – 85 Smithing – 1 Runite Ore + 4 Coal (800K/h)

Please note that these prices are always changing, and the profit per hour here is based at max speed and efficiency with average pricing. As you can see, the jump at 30 Smithing making Steel Bars is incredibly profitable.

You’ll also gain quite a bit of Smithing experience with this method, a skill that otherwise would cost money to train rather than making it.

So there you have it, three great ways to make money as a lower-level account. Whether you’re stacking up the cash to afford gear you like or to pay for your membership with Bonds, these methods will be sure to give you a viable way of bringing in some gold.