4 Outdoor Blinds Designs to Pick From When Upgrading Your Bistro

4 Outdoor Blinds Designs to Pick From When Upgrading Your Bistro

If you’re looking to enhance your bistro’s outdoor dining experience, consider the versatility of external blinds, a popular choice among Melbourne businesses and homeowners for transforming their exterior seating areas.

Are you planning to upgrade your bistro and wondering how to revamp your outside seating area? Installing outdoor blinds Melbourne businesses and homeowners use to improve their exterior entertainment spaces could be your solution.

With so many different external blinds designs available, the sky’s the limit for creating a comfortable, welcoming and functional bistro spot for outdoor diners. Read on as we share four different styles for you to pick from when upgrading your bistro this season.

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4 Outdoor Blinds Designs that Bistro Owners Love

1. Ziptrak Blinds: For Smooth Operations

For an instant uplift, Ziptrak blinds create a harmonious space while connecting your outdoor dining area with your indoor eating space. This design is modern, aesthetically appealing and easy to use.

Furthermore, Ziptrak blinds offer all-around weather protection for both your furniture and customers. They provide privacy (a must-have for pavement seating) without blocking the outside view.

Nifty features include:

  • Easy-to-use operations: A spring-balanced system allows you to open and close the blinds smoothly without using zips, cranks, wires or cords.
  • Durable fabric: Sunscreen mesh reduces heat transmission and offers good protection from harsh UV radiation. Clear or tinted PVC offers uninterrupted views of the landscape outside while protecting your guests from the elements.
  • Motorised version: Convenient operations with the touch of a button, using a remote control to open and close the blinds.

Ziptrak blinds fit firmly into vertical tracks, preventing that awful wind-rattling sound that often happens with other types of exterior coverings! Your guests can eat in peace no matter what the weather is doing outside.

2. Bistro Blinds: Affordable and Stylish

Bistro Blinds - Affordable and Stylish

Source: australianoutdoorliving.com.au

Are you looking for something stylish and functional, while also hoping to keep your customers well-protected from Melbourne’s unpredictable weather? Outdoor bistro blinds are your pick! If you want external blinds that are durable and long-lasting, look out for designs made with PVC fabric.

The benefits of installing bistro blinds include:

  • Cleaning and maintenance: PVC fabric is easy to clean and maintain, which cuts down on upkeep expenses. This gives you good return on investment while keeping your bistro looking brand new all year round.
  • Sun-fade protection and water-resistant: Your outdoor furniture and flooring last longer without battling with sun-fade and wet conditions that could damage them.
  • Protection from harsh UV rays: Clear and tinted PVC fabric has light-filtering features that protect your guests from direct sunlight and dangerous UV radiation.

Compared to other external covering designs, PVC bistro blinds are cost-effective without compromising on quality and functionality. They come in a wide range of colours, so pick one that matches your brand AND they can be custom-made to fit any specifications.

3. Aluminium Plantation Shutters: For the Contemporary Look

Aluminium plantation shutters are an excellent pick if you want to create a modern look while still benefiting from all the features of outdoor blinds. This style comes with operable blades that offer shade and privacy while giving you the freedom to choose how much view, breeze and insulation you want each day.

These versatile aluminium plantation shutters are rust-resistant and durable and provide security if you choose to have locking systems fitted. They’re easy to maintain and clean while designed to withstand even the harshest Melbourne climate.

Useful features include:

  • Optimal lighting, UV and heat control
  • Eco-friendly ventilation alternative to HVACs
  • Bi-folding, fixed or sliding options

These shutters give your bistro a chic appearance and you can pick from a range of powder-coated colours to match your restaurant’s décor and brand.

4. Zipscreen Blinds: For Bigger Spaces

Zipscreen Blinds - For Bigger Spaces

Source: mac.in

If your bistro’s outdoor patio is bigger than what the average eatery has, installing Zipscreen blinds is an option. These external roller blinds reach a span of up to 7m and can be operated manually with a crank OR automatically with a remote control.

Zipscreen blinds include the unique z-LOCK technology which ensures they fit tightly on the frames, preventing pesky bugs from crawling or flying in and bothering your guests. It also keeps wind and airborne debris out – your customers won’t feel any cold draughts while enjoying a meal at your venue!

Similar to other quality external blinds, Zipscreen blinds offer protection from the sun, rain, hail or gales as well as privacy without blocking out any beautiful views. Flat weight bars on the bottom of the blinds ensure they don’t flap when Melbourne’s winds pick up! Your customers will experience a comfortable and relaxing eating experience when dining outdoors.

Final Thoughts

Outdoor blinds offer ultimate protection against Melbourne’s changeable weather, ensuring your customers frequent your bistro throughout the year. These external coverings create ambience and provide an almost instant venue upgrade with speedy and simple installation, giving your bistro a new and fresh look overnight.

With so many different outdoor blinds designs to pick from, it’s easy to find the best style for your bistro.

Important tip: to get the right fit and quality materials PLUS professional installation, make sure you consult with leading external blinds experts!