Outdoor Light Fixtures For Commercial Areas

Commercial spaces require extra light during night times for various reasons like security, safety, and mobility. Although the indoor lighting infrastructure in such spaces is pretty much up to the mark, it is highly essential to have a lighting layout that caters to the overall appeal of the place. Outdoor lighting is just as important and light manufacturers have introduced several light fixtures which specifically accommodate outdoor lighting needs.

The lighting requirement of each infrastructure is different hence there are two main types of fixtures that are quite popular for general lighting layout around building exteriors which are:

  • LED floodlights
  • LED-wall packs

The specialty of these lights is that they are highly optimizable and cover pretty much all major requirements of a designated layout. There’s a vast variety of these fixtures available in the market, which you can browse through and pick any which is the best fit for your layout.

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What are LED floodlights?

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LED floodlights are powerful broad-beamed light fixtures for the outdoors. They are meant to flood the area with light. They are not specific to one type of area, instead, their usage is vast and almost applicable to any outdoor space. They provide natural daylight-like light and the use of LED as the lamp source amplifies their efficiency.

A floodlight fixture is made up of die-cast aluminum housing which also functions as an efficient heat sink. The outer of the fixture is safety rated against dirt, dust, rain, and temperature. The fixtures are available in three IP ratings:

  • IP64

IP64 rated fixtures can withstand dust and water pressure from any direction.

  • IP65

IP65 rated fixtures are protected against dust and increased water pressure from all sides.

  • IP66

IP66 rated fixtures are submersible in water and can withstand all temperature fluctuation and dust ingress.

This is what makes LED floodlights durable but what makes them the best fixture to use outside any commercial building is their design properties, the efficiency of lighting, and many other features such as:

1. Higher lumen output

The lumen output is a measure of the overall brightness of LED lamps. They are exquisitely brighter than any other counterpart. While most halogen lamps have been widely used in floodlights people have started switching to LEDs due to the benefits which they provide.
Brighter light actively decreases the number of fixtures required to illuminate any area. So in a way to accommodate a certain light layout a lesser number of fixtures are employed which reduce the initial costs of buying.

2. Cut off designs

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LED floodlights although function on the same prospects but they are widely customizable and are available in several different cut-off designs. The cut-off designs determine the beam spread i.e narrow to wide. Due to this reason, they can be used as spotlights as well.

The cutoff designs determine the direction of light and also pertain to local area lighting codes to reduce light pollution. The different cut off designs are:

  • Semi cut off
  • Full cut off
  • Up/down

These cut-off designs project light in a calculated space and do not spill the light in any other direction. This is quite efficient as traditional fixtures waste a lot of energy dispersing light in all directions which often results in the failure of light reaching the point of illumination. Cut-off designs also manage glare and are specifically of use in spaces where the light is directly facing houses or streets with traffic to avoid any accidents.

3. Higher efficiency

Floodlights are highly efficient as they consume very little power as compared to older fixtures and produce bright powerful light. The wattage rating is low which means low electricity bills in the long run.

4. Low maintenance

LED light fixtures are overall low maintenance as the lamp is packed inside the fixture which is safety rated against most external factors. Alongside that LED lamps have a longer lifespan than average lamps which is over 11 years. During this time period, they barely malfunction or require maintenance which is highly convenient, rids the customer of frequent expenditure on maintenance and labor.

LED flood light fixtures are used for architectural lighting as well. The various design options allow an array of possibilities one can achieve with illuminating a building front or adjunct parking spaces with these floodlights. There are architectural floodlights, spotlights, and many more design variants.

LED-wall packs

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LED wall packs are smaller outdoor light fixtures that have a similar function to that of a floodlight but at a lower level. Wall packs as the name suggests can be mounted on walls which give them a lot of room for application across entryways, pathways, boundary walls, above gates around patios, etc.

Wall packs are similarly designed like most floodlights but are conveniently smaller and applicable in spaces that require extra lighting, such as blind corners around any commercial building.

They enhance security and the light can be directed due to various cut-off designs. They have similar usage as floodlights but are usually paired up with floodlights for enhanced ambiance and to balance the lighting outlook.

Advantages of Using Outdoor LED light fixtures

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Security is the basic and foremost need of any commercial space during the nighttime. To evade burglars or any criminal activity is it effective to use light across all parameters. These lights also come with either built-in or integrated motion sensors for enhanced security and they are pairable with cameras.


Integrated photocells save a lot of energy as they automatically switch off the fixture as soon as the sun is out and turn it back on when it gets dark. It is quite convenient as well.

Increased Appeal

Ambient lighting also directly impacts the appeal and value of the property and raises a sense of security among people or passersby. The light from LED fixtures can be customized from warm yellow to bright white as it is adjustable on a Kelvin scale ranging from 2500K to 6000K. This does not affect the brightness levels and the light is glare-free.

In conclusion, there are several ways outdoor light fixtures impact the beauty and convenience of any space. Moreover, they are convenient, efficient and a dire necessity so opting for LED light fixtures is the smartest choice as traditional fixtures are quite outdated due to their inability to cope up with minor changes and cause a lot of trouble in the long run.