PEMF of Bone Healing

The energy flow within the human body is vital to the healthy operation of tissues and organs. Pulsed electromagnetic (PEMF) therapy encourages cellular repair by using the body’s natural energy field. Numerous advantages of PEMF therapy include lowering inflammation, enhancing blood flow and oxygenation, managing chronic pain, accelerating wound healing, and promoting bone growth.

PEMF therapy uses pulsed electromagnetic fields of low frequency radiation for therapeutic purposes to promote health and wellbeing. Numerous advantages of using pulsed electromagnetic fields in treatment have been amply demonstrated in thousands of clinical investigations.

Both the human body and the earth have a natural electromagnetic field. Healthy cell membranes in the body are positively and negatively charged. The exchange of ions that carry chemical messages into and out of cells is made possible by these charges. Because of their reduced electromagnetic charge, damaged cells are less able to exchange these ions. PEMF mats or other devices used for therapy restores the natural charge, allowing cells to produce the necessary amount of energy.

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Effect of PEMF Therapy on Bones


NASA investigated PEMF therapy in the 1970s in an effort to stop astronauts from losing their bones and muscles. Since then, the FDA has approved PEMF therapy for a wide range of clinical uses, including as a secure and successful method of treating non-union fractures.

Older methods of bone stimulation involved invasive electrical methods. Multiple studies have demonstrated that PEMF mats or other devices have a beneficial effect on bone health and repair, despite the conflicting results of research on the effects of electrical stimulation. According to a 2007 assessment of studies with excellent methodology, PEMF therapy may hasten the healing of acute tibial fractures.

PEMF mats are an indirect method of electrical stimulation that performs similar functions and penetrates the body much deeper. According to a 2016 assessment of additional research, Patients who received electrical stimulation had reduced rates of recurrent non-unions and reported less discomfort,

According to a different study, stimulating mesenchymal cells with an alternating electric current aided in the production of osteoblasts, which help create bone, as well as fracture repair. Mesenchymal cells are also stimulated by PEMFs.

It has been established that PEMF therapy is a risk-free treatment with no side effects. PEMF therapy is an effective, risk-free treatment for bone damage because to the possibility for quicker healing and decreased discomfort.

PEMF Therapy to stimulate Bone and Cartilage repair


PEMF therapy devices has been used for decades to promote bone health and healing. it is still unclear exactly how the electromagnetic stimulation affected bone.

In a review study that was released in May 2020, the effects of PEMFs on tissues to promote bone and cartilage repair are examined. Three crucial mechanisms in the cell response to pulsed electromagnetic field therapy were found in this review. The first is signal transmission via adenosine receptors on the cell membrane. Secondly, PEMF treatment stimulate the osteo inductive pathways in the body.

The US FDA has approved PEMF Therapy as an effective and safe treatment method for non-unions of bone. The processes of electromagnetic stimulation of the skeleton have eluded researchers while being used in clinical settings. The site of action of PEMF has recently been discovered to be cell membrane receptors, which offers a mechanistic justification for clinical application. The following list of crucial cell reactions to PEMF is highlighted in this review: (1) signal transduction through adenosine cell membrane receptors. (2) dose-response effects on the formation of structural and signaling (ECM) extracellular matrix components.

These effects of PEMF include altering the homeostatic balance of signaling cytokines, which has an anti-inflammatory effect, and increasing the structural integrity of bone and cartilage ECM, which facilitates repair. In addition to having a chondroprotective effect that counteracts the catabolic effects of inflammation in the joint environment, PEMFs have a pro-anabolic effect on the bone and cartilage matrix. Confidence in the clinical use of PEMF and the identification of clinical conditions likely to be impacted by PEMF exposure should increase with knowledge of PEMF membrane targets.

Finally, PEMF therapy promotes the production of structural and signaling molecules in the skeletal extracellular matrix. When these systems work together, they affect bone via mending non-unions, osteotomies, and fractures. A deeper comprehension of these mechanisms bolsters the clinical application of PEMFs for stimulating bone formation.

PEMF Therapy – An Affordable Alternative Treatment


Insurance companies occasionally pay for PEMF therapy when it is applied in a therapeutic environment. However, the patient will frequently be liable for the expense of their medical care. In this situation, purchasing a system for home usage may be a more cost-effective option than making numerous office trips.

Owning a PEMF device enables for long-term use to enhance general bone health and may help prevent osteoporosis, in addition to helping with initial bone injuries. The prolonged treatment period that is expected to deliver these advantages is not feasible in a clinical setting, but it is doable at home, even while you are asleep.

Furthermore, PEMF therapy is well worth the expense due to the variety of other health advantages it offers. Many members of the family can use a home PEMF device for a variety of health conditions.

Healthy Line PEMF Mats for Bone Health and Healing

When there is an acute injury, PEMF therapy can aid in bone healing. When used repeatedly for a lengthy period of time, PEMF therapy may also promote bone formation and enhance bone health in the long run. Investing in a PEMF device for usage at home is an easy, affordable way to boost bone health in general.


The Healthy Line PEMF mats such as BioBalance, OMI full-body, or OMI mini mat is a whole-body, medium-intensity system that provides a variety of intensities and frequencies. Multiple health advantages are produced by six preset programs. A flexible, individualized use is made possible by the changeable intensities and treatment times.

These PEMF devices are a great investment because the treatment duration can be adjusted from 10 minutes to 12 hours, and it may be used securely overnight.

Contrary to many other PEMF devices, the BioBalance has two applicators that can be used individually or together without any loss of intensity. The pillow pad targets specific requirements either on its own or in conjunction with the full body therapy, while the full body mat treats the entire body. These therapy products are cost-effective, practical, and effective techniques for promoting healthy bones and quick healing.

Author: Amelia Croud
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