Renovation Lab: How to Carry Out the Perfect Bathroom Renovation

The ideal bathroom renovation is not just about updating the space. It is about creating a harmonious, functional and beautiful interior that fully meets the needs and tastes of the customer.

It can only be created with the necessary knowledge that professional designers possess. The availability of experience and its successful application in practice makes it possible to realize dreams of comfort, beauty and practicality.

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Key aspects of the perfect designer bathroom renovation

Among them, we can highlight:

  1. Individual approach. The designer takes into account not only modern trends, but also the client’s preferences for color palette, furniture, textures, which allows you to create a unique bathroom design.
  2. Optimal use of space. An experienced designer makes the best use of the available bathroom space, creating functional zones and making daily routines as comfortable as possible.
  3. Use of exclusive materials. In finishing, designers give preference to high-quality materials such as natural stone, expensive woods, glass and others. This allows you to give the interior luxury and elegance.
  4. Introducing innovation. When undertaking a bathroom remodel, the designer integrates modern technology to improve the comfort and usability of the bathroom.
  5. Intelligent lighting. Lighting plays an important role in creating a cozy atmosphere. With knowledge, the designer will select the right fixtures for main and supplementary lighting to create soft and functional lighting.
  6. Compliance with ergonomic conditions. In this way, it is possible to maximize the usability of the bathroom. The placement of sinks, mirrors, showers, bathtubs and other elements is planned taking into account the needs of users.
  7. The choice of decor, textiles and accessories. This allows you to emphasize the style and make the interior of the bathroom complete.

The ideal bathroom renovation from the designer is the result of competent planning, careful choice of materials and accent elements, as well as a harmonious combination of style and functionality. For more information, visit the company website:

Interior designer, a fad or a necessity


It is possible to make the bathroom interior luxurious and unique only by knowing and observing all the important aspects. Thanks to practical experience, a professional designer will provide thoughtful solutions in interior design, which will ensure a more efficient use of space, and offer creative ideas.

A qualified interior design specialist will carry out even the most complex projects, which may involve changes in the structure, re-planning of space. Involvement of a designer is a professional project management and prevention of mistakes at the initial stage of repair.

With experience and resources, a designer will get the job done quickly and efficiently, which is especially important when time is limited. In addition, he or she will help make the project, overall, more cost-effective and save the client from unnecessary waste.

Visualization and 3D rendering. Their role in modern interior design

Visualization means the creation of a three-dimensional image that shows the bathroom in different angles and allows the client to understand how the room will look like after all the work is completed.

3D-graphics, with the help of which design ideas come to life, is an excellent tool for displaying architectural projects that are under development, with maximum realism.

Inherent in the creation of a three-dimensional image is rendering, which allows you to make a three-dimensional model complete, to create a highly detailed object. At this stage it is possible to make the image as realistic as possible.

Visualization and 3D rendering allow you to clearly visualize what the design of the space, the texture of surfaces and other details will be like. One of the advantages of these technologies is the ability to make adjustments at any stage of model creation.

Interior design by Renovation Lab

Ordering the service of bathroom interior design in our company, each client will get the final result that will exceed all expectations. Experienced designers and other specialists are engaged in the development of projects. Our main priority is a satisfied customer, so when creating a design project we take into account not only modern trends, but also personal wishes and preferences of the client.

If necessary, we will provide a certified contractor. All work is completed within a strict time frame with a warranty. We prioritize not just repair, but professionalism and luxury. Together with unique materials, this allows us to create elegant and sophisticated bathroom designs.