Perry Abbonizio – Finance Industry Guru

As a financial advisor, Perry Abbonizio has more than 40 years of experience working in the finance industry. Graduating from Villanova University with a bachelor’s degree in business administration and management, Mr. Abbonizio is an experienced financial advisor with many successful projects under his belt.

Mr. Abbonizio was the founding partner of New Field Ventures, which is a global equity firm with headquarters in New York City. New Field Ventures was founded in 2004 and is head of the company’s advisory committee.

His 40 years of finance experience comes from his position as a financial advisor to many top firms in the industry. His first break was at Oppenheimer & Co. Inc. where he worked as an investment strategist, followed by several years at Morgan Stanley & Co. Inc., and Wells Fargo as a financial advisor. His last firm before founding his very own was Gadelli Management where he also worked as a financial advisor.

During his 40 years of work experience, Mr. Abbonizio has managed to successfully source, finance, and broke more than a quarter of a million dollar worth of investments and financial products. His brilliant eye for opportunity has served him well, and Perry Abbonizio’s LinkedIn shows for it.

His 40 years of financial experience has given Mr. Abbonizio the ability and foresight to successfully manage financial projects from the concept stage all the way through completion. During his career, Mr. Abbonizio has gained both domestic and international financial knowledge and experience.

His brilliant spotting ability has brought him and the firms he’s worked millions in revenue by being able to spot an opportunity in a flooded and volatile market. His ability to structure financial deals, guide them all the way to the end, and market them, has reflected well on his ability to do well in any market. Especially noted can be his ability to operate in a niche and volatile markets on domestic, foreign and global markets.

His current company, New Field ventures, focuses on ontological training of coaches and consultants on a global level with offices in more than 10 countries including the United States, and South America.

His job as a financial consultant, or advisor, means that he is serving the community and aims to make other people’s, and companies, lives better through his knowledge in the finance industry.  As a financial advisor, he is bound by a code of ethical practice in order to deliver the best possible outcome for his clients. And deliver he does.

Mr. Abbonizio as a financial advisor can provide his clients with many services, some of them are:

  • Make a full assessment of a person’s (or companies) financial situation
  • Find out their liabilities and assets
  • Advice and assist with financial problems
  • Assist with lodging complaints
  • Provide information about consumer rights
  • Grant eligibility and referrals for materialistic aid
  • Provide information about credit laws
  • Assist with debt recovery
  • And many more

Mr. Abbonizio is a loving father and husband who loves to exercise, jog in the park, read books, relax with family and friends, and enjoy his work and his life.