Personal Finance: How to Get Divorced and Not to Go Broke

The financial part of the separation is one of the hardest to deal with and often leads to conflicts between spouses. Getting to an agreement about sharing the goods, the breakup paperwork, the attorney and court fees can quickly leave one broke. However, there are ways in which a couple can avoid spending a lot of money on their split up. Depending on the type of separation the couple chooses they can either waste an incredible amount of money and time in court or make things quite easier.

Knowing your options before getting a divorce is rather essential. By being informed you will have control over your finances while going through a marriage termination. Here’s a list with the three most common ways to separate in the United States and how they affect you financially

  1. The contested dissolution of marriage with attorneys
  2. Uncontested separation with the help of online services
  3. Do-it-yourself divorce

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The contested divorce with attorneys

As the title suggests, this type of divorcement is asked by one of the spouses and contested by the other one for various reasons (often they are either financial or children custody-related issues). This type of separate maintenance is expensive and time costly since both parties need to have attorneys to represent them in front of a judge. The judge will then decide what the outcome of the splitting is. This kind of separation is not very pleasant and causes a lot of frustration.

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The contested breakup is not cheap at all and can be easily avoided. By communicating with the former partner, the spouses can get to an agreement about how the goods will be shared and file for a cheaper option: uncontested detachment. This way, both of the partners can save up money to rebuild their life.

Dissociation with the help of online services

Unlike the partition with attorneys, this mean of divorce is far more comfortable and cheaper. If the couple does not have any significant disputes, this is the best way to separate. By choosing this type of division people to avoid wasting time in court and have specialists dealing with the paperwork. This is less time-consuming and a lot cheaper than divorcing with attorneys.

Before proceeding with this kind of breach, the couple will have to answer a few standard questions. This way, the specialists will know whether or not the couple can terminate by this mean. In some states, if the wife is pregnant, the couple can not terminate the marriage until the baby is due. Also, if there have been records of abuse during the marriage, the couple can’t get divorced without attorneys as it is considered that the negotiations will be not fair to the victim.

Do-it-yourself Separation

This type of detachment is a free but time-consuming one. A small mistake in paperwork usually means that it has to be done all over again. Not only it is slow, but it is not recommended filing partition papers with no legal advice from a professional. Understanding the terms of the rupture is essential, and this is why you should always seek help from a specialist in this matter. Even though it is free, this type of separation is not recommended for people that do not have legal knowledge.

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I am saving money while divorcing – How to do it?

First of all, you can save money by choosing online marriage termination services instead of attorneys. It saves money and also grants a quick, problem-free divorce. One of the easiest ways to keep track of the money you are spending is to keep track of the breakup bills. Avoiding high attorney bills is probably the best advice when it comes to saving money. Not spending more than necessary is crucial as both of the spouses will need financial resources to re-make their lives.

By budgeting the income and expenses during a disunion process one can have a clear picture of what is happening in their bank account. It’s no secret that during divorcement people tend to spend more than they can afford due to conflicts that occur between parties. Sometimes the money they spend on the marriage termination is even higher than the profit they get from the sharing goods. Taking your time and analyzing your income and the expenses of the split up might save some money and time.

After a breakup, your credit score might suffer some changed. Be aware of this fact and make sure you are ready to take the hit. One should seek for advice when it comes to credit protection during a divorce. There are plenty of financial consultants that can give you specialized information. Also, make sure that you are protecting your business interest when dividing the assets and debts. If the division has ended in a peaceful manner, the partners have agreed on how the assets and the liabilities are shared. However, in contested disunion, the court decides the best way to share them.

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The breach is an opportunity for both to reinvent themselves. Looking for better-paid jobs can be a perfect way to get back on your feet after separating. It’s never too late to try to do what you have always dreamed of. Most people used their marriage as an excuse not to apply for that out of state job, and after divorce, they realized nothing was holding them back.

Some people rebuild their lives and want to give marriage another try after divorce. While during the first partitioning not many couples hurry to have a prenuptial agreement because they believe their love is never-ending, most people that are marrying for the second time decided to take this step. It is an excellent way to protect your finances and go through less stress if something goes wrong. Having a prenuptial agreement makes the separation proceeding a lot easier and quicker.


Getting a marriage termination is never a pleasant thing. Leaving aside the emotional damage that breakup goes on a person, the financial loss can be considerable. To avoid being broke after separating from a spouse, people should get informed and choose the best way to stop the matrimony.

Sometimes hiring an attorney can’t be avoided, especially if the difference between spouses is considerable when it comes to finances or if the children are involved but sometimes divorcing by contacting an online team of specialists might save a lot of money and time. Being careful and checking the bills even during stressful times is recommended for anyone.

While a do-it-yourself divorce might seem like a good option, people should remember that filing legal papers should be done in the presence of a law specialist. Just as it is not recommended for people to self-medicate when they have a health issue, it is not recommended for them to take legal actions against somebody without consulting a law professional first.

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The best option for people that have decided to go separate ways is to apply for an uncontested divorcement. There are companies in the United States that offer online services to help people file for marriage final stop. They take care of all the necessary papers for a small fee, and they discuss with the customers about all the required steps. Before filing for uncontested disunion, the parties should decide together how the assets, debt and child custody get shared.

Taking care of personal finance during the separation process is very important. After the divorce, both spouses have to rebuild their lives in separate ways, and they will need financial means for it. A long and expensive breakup is not only emotionally draining but financially as well. Having to pay attorney fees and court fees is not a pleasant situation and must be avoided. Saving up money, being aware of the financial balance and considering a better-paid job will ensure proper healing and will provide anyone a brand new start.