PMP Certification: Benefits to Offer!

An industry-recognized credential for a project manager, PMP is a globally recognized certification that demonstrates experience, skills, and education at the same time. As the companies are hiring practitioners from different cultural backgrounds, PMP certification provides a standardized set of skills for project managers to make them compatible with all kind of challenges.

A certified project manager can achieve all the assigned goals while balancing varied projects at the same time.  A certified professional will be expected to undertake projects on system regulation and using appropriate strategies to achieve tangible goals thereby assuring effective growth.

Perks of PMP Certification

Attaining PMP certification is a pretty logical step to take. It not only boosts your career but also enhances your confidence and project handling skills. Not only individuals but also companies are benefited by hiring such certified professional to handle projects by minimizing the expense and maximizing the profits.

For Project Managers

  • Reliability

Without you having a personal chance to impress your employer, your resume portrays who you are and tells about your professional skills. This calls for the need of your resume to outstand and set you apart from others. This is exactly what this certification does for you.

Adding PMP certification to your resume expresses your experience, seriousness towards your job, and your highly organized knowledge base. Also, being PMP certified makes you completely aware of the PMBOK Guide, which is another way to show that you are different from others.

If you do not intend to switch jobs, your current employers will also consider it to be a shred of evidence for your serious commitment towards your job.

  • Higher Salary Potential

It is observed that PMI’s globally recognized certification provides significant advantages when it comes to salaries and earning potentials. These professionals earn about 20 percent higher salaries when compared to their counterparts.

With PMP certification your reliability gets recognized, and companies do not hesitate to offer higher salaries. Also, it gives a higher chance for your global recognition and advancement in the subsequent years.

So, the increase in the earning potential shall be considered a point when you hesitate to take up the certification because of its higher costs.

  • Better Job Opportunities

PMP certification has become the need of the hour and the need has been surpassing the supply in the last few years. This is enough to specify that when you are a certified professional you automatically become an asset for the organization you are serving.

Also, you can very easily apply for other promising companies and give yourself a competitive edge. The best jobs are always reserved for professionals who have the training, skills, and experience.

  • Increased Networking

This certification from PMI gives you an opportunity to connect to other professionals from your sector across the globe.

Networking gives you a chance to get ahead in your career by connecting to people from your field and have access to enormous benefits.

  • Mastery in language

For a successful project manager, it is mandatory to understand lengthy terms and comprehend it to others. A professional project manager knows how to instruct his co-workers and bring the maximum profits for the organization he is serving.

On-the-job training definitely gives you the chance to learn the language of a project manager but by gaining professional certification you can master the terms successfully.

Taking up this course will help you to relate whatever you have learned by facing real-life situations, and not by spitting whatever you have learned on paper just for the sake of passing. The course meant for this certification will help you to implement all this in your projects on a daily basis.

  • More Challenging Projects

If handling tricky projects is your passion then you should know that everyone is trying to the best of their abilities to work and give you a perfectly competitive environment. Undoubtedly, the project manager is a challenging career but your personal skills along with this globally recognized certification will help you stand out of others.

PMP certification definitely gives you a sense of more responsibility and deeper challenges. If you eventually realize that the projects you are handling are losing excitement then you can get yourself certified and expose yourself to the more challenging world in the most rewarding ways.

  • Job Security

Because of recession, job security has become very fragile, and it has become a matter of concern for keeping their livelihood and maintaining their positions. Project managers though currently in high demand, this certification gives you an edge over the others and you can easily survive in this competitive world by showcasing your additional skills and helping companies achieve their set targets within prescribed timelines.

For Companies

  • International Recognition

As PMP is an internationally recognized qualification, PMIs have earned ISO/IEC 17024 accreditation for providing this certification. This standardization gives PMP recognition in 85 countries across the globe.

This clearly indicates that global communities recognize this certification a valuable one. This also indicates the experience and knowledge of a certified professional. If the company one is working with wants a stronghold in the global presence, then PMP is what one must have.

  • Value to the Company

With PMP certified professionals, companies are benefited to a great extent. When a company hires a certified project manager, they can rest at ease. You can be sure that your project is overseen by some certified professional who has achieved expertise in this field.

  • Healthy Business Culture

The most recognized companies have understood the need for a professional to handle their projects. Any person fully aware of his roles in project management is in greater demands. One who is able to align the projects to the company’s benefit is paid handsomely.

Whether you are a project manager aiming to improve your skills and opportunities or you are a company inspired to hire a project manager who has potential to lead the team and projects more efficiently, then PMP certification is what you are actually looking for. Get yourself PMP certified, and make your first step towards a prosperous future that you have been dreaming of.

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