6 Most Common Problems with Fiberglass Pools

Fiberglass pools are an increasingly popular type of pool, and there is a good reason behind that. They’re easy to maintain, quick to install, and they can look amazing if styled properly. Still, like any other type of pool, they do come with some disadvantages and problems. Most of those can be dealt with easily if you have the proper knowledge, and it’s important to be prepared for these issues in advance.

In this article, we give you the most common problems you may run into when dealing with a fiberglass pool.

So without further ado, let’s begin.

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1. Spider cracks

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These small delicate cracks are a typical occurrence when dealing with the fiberglass material. They are hard to avoid and they’re very likely to appear. Still, as these are really small, sometimes unnoticeable, you likely won’t care much about them. They don’t pose any structural risk, they just look bad. Of course, it’s a problem you must consider when you’re investing a huge amount of money into your pool and you want it to look perfect.

As these cracks are caused by pressure on the gel coat, the only way you can ensure you won’t have to deal with this problem is too look for the high-quality fiberglass pools and find a reliable pool builder to assist you in the installation. If the pool is installed properly, and the gel coat is applied correctly, then you shouldn’t have to deal with this problem at all.

2. The bulging walls

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This is also a very common problem many fiberglass pool owners had to deal with. It doesn’t only look ugly but it could develop into a crack that could end up ruining the whole pool and make it unfixable. This issue is usually caused by the backfill material that’s used (which is usually sand).

The best way to prevent this is to use a different kind of backfill material like stone or gravel. Other than that, it’s important to ensure your pool is strong enough to withstand the pressure that induces the bulging. This is why it’s extremely important to look for professional advice before installing the pool and ask the appropriate questions. Proper installation and a quality manufacturing process are of utmost importance, so make sure to do your research before you purchase a fiberglass swimming pool.

3. Limitations

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As fiberglass pools are made from a mold, when it comes to size and shape, your choices could be a bit limited. Still, they’re super easy to maintain and clean, and they look amazing. You can always customize them through different accessories and features, like the pool lights, bubblers, deck jets, and many other types of pool attachments.

Still, many pool builders like for example the Canberra based Capital Country Pools offer a huge variety of options when it comes to shape and size. There is still a good chance of finding the exact shape and size you’ve always wanted. Who knows, you may find something you like even more than your original idea!

4. Fading and Discoloration

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Colored fiberglass pools are becoming a norm, and many people report some issues with discoloration. It’s another problem with the gel coat, so you probably already know that the best solution is to look for well-made fiberglass pools. The higher the quality of the pool, the less likely you’ll be to run into this kind of problem.

Another important thing to consider is maintenance. You have to be careful when cleaning your pool, don’t use more chemicals than necessary. Cleaning a fiberglass pool is not complicated, but you have to do it with care if you want your pool to last longer and look the best. Of course, this can be a bit difficult if you don’t have any previous experience with pool maintenance. Do some research and seek professional advice so you learn the best possible techniques when it comes to pool preservation. The best course of action would be to hire a professional pool maintaining service if you can afford it.

5. Fixing it can be difficult

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This mostly goes for multilayered colored fiberglass pools. If your pool has a multi-layer finish, fixing it can be close to impossible. This is because it would be extremely difficult to match the factory colors if they’re done in multiple layers. Trying to duplicate the manufacturer’s coloring process is a daunting task that could end up having extremely unflattering results. The only way to avoid it is to choose a pool with a solid surface finish. Do some research and ask the manufacturer about their pools. Like always, choosing a high-quality pool will make the need for repairs less likely to occur.

On the other hand, if you really want a fiberglass pool with a multilayer finish, and you end up having to repair it, make sure you pick a reliable technician with tons of experience and good skills.

6. The water quality issues

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Fiberglass is known to affect water quality in a major way. Inadequate water quality can impact the gel coat that protects the fiberglass, and this could end up ruining this part of the pool. As previously mentioned, having to fix a fiberglass pool is something you want to avoid if possible. This is why you should test the pool water frequently if you own a fiberglass pool. This could present a huge annoyance for many pool owners. Still, you should remember that every pool requires effort to maintain and the fiberglass is the most convenient type of pool compared to any other type when it comes to maintenance.

The conclusion

Fiberglass pools are an amazing type of pool, but there are some issues you could run into when owning one. The solution for all of these problems is usually in the proper installation and manufacturing processes. If you manage to find a high-quality model, a reliable and knowledgeable pool builder, and learn how to clean and maintain your pool properly, you shouldn’t have to worry at all.

Still, if you end up running into these kinds of problems, it’s important to be prepared and find a skilled technician who can help you fix them.

All in all, make sure to do enough research before purchasing the pool and make sure it’s installed properly as many issues begin with the poor installation of the pool.