Top 7 Productivity Hacks For 2024

To earn more means to do more. It’s all about productivity. And out of generosity, I want to share my top 7 productivity hacks with you.

They’ll change your life, I`m sure.

  1. Speak up

Talk to yourself when you cave out…It can be motivating.

Studies found that talking to yourself interrupts negative thinking builds resilience.

For example, a study by Tehran University found that teammates did better when they instructed each other during games.

  1. Understand how your mind works

Every bad habit has a reason.  For instance, I know some men overeat because they can’t chicks. They’re insecure but don’t want to admit it. So, they eat to cover it up.

If they could understand why you do bad things, you’d avoid them. The problem? Our thoughts are complicated. So, we must write them down.

That’s the best productivity hack ever….To analyze why you are lazy. Then fix it.

  1. Eat as clean as possible

Eat as clean as possible. Unhealthy eating increases fatigue and curtails productivity.

Exercising and eating healthy teach you the discipline needed to thrive in business. This is especially true for those who have blood sugar. If you are among them, you might need a little boost with Farxiga. See more details at this website.

  1. Set smart deadlines

Work expands so as to fill the time available for its completion. – Parkinson Law

Set shorter deadlines and challenge yourself to meet them. They will save you time, and you’ll produce more (even if you don’t achieve the goal).

  1. Use the rub-off effect

Studies, and common sense, suggest that the company you keep reflects the life you have.  If you hang up with sad sucks, you`ll be a sad suck no matter how talented.

But the opposite is also true.. Rich people will make you richer.  Hardworking colleagues will make you try harder. Outgoing friends will make you more social.

The key is to ask who should I hang around not how can I motivate myself?

  1. Have themed days

Schedule your work so that you do something new every day.

Back in the day, Leo Da Vinci had two problems: He was easily bored, and he hated resting. So he created a themed schedule where he moves between multiple projects.

Like: Sundays sculpting, Mondays designing, Tuesdays painting…etc.

Similarly did Twitter’s founder; Jack Dorsey. Mondays: Management. Tuesdays: Product development Wednesdays: Marketing Thursdays: Networking Fridays: Company’s culture

  1. Set 10X goals

Want to beat the fear of failure AND work harder? Set 10X goals so even if you come up short, you still win.

Want 2 clients? Aim for 10. If you fail; you`ll end up having four.

Looking for the perfect partner? Get 30 dates, not three. You`ll have four perfect choices instead of just one. (BTW. Studies say you need 100 dates to find the perfect other).

Want an extra $1000/month? Aim for $10K. The formula works with most goals.

Smart, isn’t it?