Maximise Productivity by Promoting Occupational Health and Safety

Over the last few decades, the health and safety of workers have, without a doubt, become a top priority for businesses across every industry. For many employers, good health and safety measures have brought about significant improvements in various areas of their businesses, and one such area is productivity. But not all businesses share this sentiment.

In fact, there are many businesses that believe that workplace health and safety don’t really influence the strive for productivity. This, of course, is not true and is completely the opposite. Read on to see how promoting occupational health and safety can be a brilliant way for your business to maximize productivity.

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The Right Equipment to Do the Job

Health and safety guidelines encourage businesses to provide employees with the right and proper working equipment for carrying out their daily tasks. This use of proper working equipment doesn’t just keep your employees safe; it ensures that their daily tasks are being carried out efficiently, which can be a great boost for productivity.

Confidence Through Security

The fact is productivity will suffer if your employees don’t feel safe in their work environment. This is because they will end up spending most of their working hours discussing safety issues with managers instead of actually working.


By promoting good workplace health and safety, your employees will feel safer, secure, and more confident in their ability to do the job. Instead of worrying about safety, more time will actually be spent carrying out daily tasks, all of which improve productivity.


Health and safety training (even online) provides the opportunity to educate your team on the different types of occupational risks and hazards associated with their jobs and what important safety measures they can take to avoid them. These pieces of training also facilitate and encourage valuable engagement amongst members of your team, and this goes on to strengthen both their personal and professional dynamics on multiple levels.

While training sessions may not be necessary for every new safety protocol, they are needed when new policies and major practices are introduced. If you’re getting your training from industry professionals like Howlett Health & Safety Services, the engagement from these training sessions can result in improved operations, so they are a worthy investment.

Better Employer-Employee Relationship

Employees feel much more positive about a company when they see that their employer is fully committed to making sure their work environment is safe and healthy. This can lead to a better employer-employee relationship, which ultimately boosts productivity. Having an excellent record of promoting health and safety can also help attract a higher level of candidates and high-performing staff to your company, which is an additional boost for productivity.

Saving Time and Resources


Although it may not seem like it, investing in health and safety now benefits you in the long run. This is because the health and safety measures you put in place now will put you in a better position (legally and financially), in the event of emergencies and workplace accidents. Being prepared will save you time and resources.


Health and safety go hand in hand with productivity. By strengthening your safety measures and investing in the right equipment, your employees will be able to feel safe and confident in carrying out their daily tasks. Attracting higher quality candidates and a better employer-employee relationship is some of the other ways promoting occupational health and safety can help boost your company’s productivity.