3 Uses for QR Codes To Boost eCommerce Catalog Sales

More companies are turning from print to digital. In an online world, it is important for eCommerce retailers to meet their customers halfway. A convenient option to use to tie both your printed and digital content together is a QR code.

You may be familiar with a QR code. But, if you are not aware of what it is, it is a large square code made up of smaller black and white squares and it stores URLs. Users scan this code with their smartphone or tablet and a URL pops up on their device. They tap the URL and go to the website.

With a QR code generator, you generate a specific code for your site or digital catalog. Place this code on printed content and direct your users to your URL. Keep reading to discover a few ways to use the QR Code in conjunction with your digital catalog to boost sales, brand awareness, and reach.

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Bridge the Gap

As an eCommerce retailer, you may have a printed catalog to showcase your content. Faced with ink shortages, paper shortages, and supply chain issues, it is becoming more expensive to print and distribute elaborate catalogs.

That is why using a QR code is an amazing way to bridge the gap between your print catalogs and digital versions. Continue printing a catalog, but make it smaller. Or, you can print postcards, inserts, or flyers that advertise your digital content.

Use the QR code generator to place a QR code on this printed content. When users scan this code, they will see your digital catalog. Digital catalogs are optimized for mobile devices so shoppers have an easy time accessing them.

Offer Exciting Discounts

Source: beeketing.com

For those retailers with a brick and mortar location, going digital may seem even more of a challenge. The benefits of digital editions are numerous. If you choose to use a QR code, one neat thing you can do is provide discounts or special offers to anyone who comes to your business by scanning the QR code.

Once again, digital publishing platforms come in handy. As part of your marketing campaign, you can send out a special digital catalog or insert that contains the QR code URL with the discount. When users scan it, they are directed to the digital edition with the discounts. They can then bring that code into the store. This will increase business and brand awareness and bring more traffic to your actual retail location as well.

Foster Engagement

QR codes are a great alternative to traditional marketing because they foster engagement. They provide a useful CTA (call to action). Users can scan a QR code and explore content from their device, in the comfort of their home. It is second nature for consumers and they are comfortable scanning their phones over the code to gain information.

Share a QR code on social media or on your website to direct users to your online catalog. Share particular sales, offers, or promos. Send a message through a QR code for sales. This helps promote SMS engagement as you can tell who is using your catalog and scanning the code for the “secret” message.

Wrap Up

Using a digital catalog and QR code across platforms helps you to meet your audience in the middle. Print to digital saves time and money. Tie these mediums together to provide meaningful connections with your customers. Foster engagement and drive sales to your eCommerce catalog when you implement the QR code.