Question Yourself – Is It So Difficult To Build Your Website On The Node.js?

If we talk about the modern day web development, then Node JS is one of the most common technologies that many developers suggest that we use. Even popular tech companies like Netflix, YouTube and others have switched from PHP to Node JS to achieve better results.

But one thing that many newbies find is that they think it is way too hard to learn Node JS. But the question is, Is it so difficult to build your website on the node.js?

Well, the one answer to this question would be NO. However, to make you understand in a better way, let me give you a proper answer to this question. So let’s just jump into the topic without wasting too much time.

Is it so difficult to build your website on the node.js?

First of all, let me make one thing clear Node.js is not a programming language. Instead, it is a runtime environment that uses JavaScript and allows you to develop server-side applications. As a result, with the help of this application, you will be able to make backends.

So the question is how to learn Node JS? Well, learning Node JS is not too hard. As I just mentioned that it is not a programming language and it uses javascript. So the only thing that you will need to learn is JavaScript.

While learning JavaScript pays special attention to things like Promises, generators, rest/spread, destructuring, Proxy/Reflect, Arrow functions, class, and others and you are all done. Also, there are quite a lot of libraries out there which you can learn. However, you should only learn them as you start working on your project.

Also, getting started with Node.js is super easy. First of all download and install Node.Js on your computer. After that run these commands in your Command Prompt.

mkdir my-project

cd my-project

npm init

Once done, your project is ready and you will find all the files over here. Now simply use a code editor like Atom and import the folder and start coding.

Overall, Node Js is extremely easy to learn as there are few requirements that you will need to get started with it. Also, since JavaScript is a modern language and it is quite fast and very flexible as a result with less code you will be able to create functional websites.

To start learning JavaScript you can check online tutorials or videos. There are quite a lot of books are available for JavaScript and Node JS. Even you can try out different coding platforms to get started with the language. You can also check out and be prepared for a technical interview.

Final Words:

So that was all for the question that says is it so difficult to build your website on the node.js. However in case if you are planning to learn Node Js because you want to launch a startup or some sort of a product then you can check out this node.js development company which will help you with all kind of Node js needs.