Here’s What Makes Raspberry Pi Nixie Tube Clock Special

Developed Grisha Anofriev, Raspberry Pi Nixie tube clock has so many great features. It has remote control, GPS, and temperature sensor. Here’s a bit more about this awesome creation, and you can watch the video below to learn even more.

“On the GitHub is available software for Raspberry Pi, which works as a console application and can take the parameters of the command line to display information obtained through your or from any other application, for example, from a Python script.

This feature is very important for those who want to easily add their own functionality, for example, for use in quest rooms, or for creating various timers and counters.”

“That is, this adapter allows you to use the shield not only as a clock, display that allows you to display numerical information (for 8C version and other characters of the Greek alphabet on the last Nixie tube). The set of characters may vary depending on the installed tube: IN-19A, IN-19B and IN-19V.”

Raspberry Pi Nixie tube clock can also obtain weather data and enable time synchronization via the Internet, use your MP3 or internet radio ringtones as alarm clock sound, and it offers the possibility of making a talking clock, voicing the time and for example the temperature every hour.

As for remote control, it is only possible through Wi-Fi, but never through the Internet from a mobile phone.