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Real Estate License SC Online – Tips and Hacks for Newbies

South Carolina (SC) state has a rich history dating back to the Civil War and even earlier. But what is more important is how the economy has been growing bringing positive impacts in various industries such as real estate.

This sector, specifically, has evolved drastically, and many people are eager to join as real estate agents. If you are one of them, then you are lucky because you can now fulfill most of the requirements online.

So, let us focus on how to apply for a real estate license SC online with ease.

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Real Estate License Application Requirements in SC

As mentioned, you can fulfill most of the real estate license SC requirements online. But what are these requirements?

  • Have a US citizenship or permanent residency
  • Complete the real estate license education
  • Sit for a state exam and pass
  • Find a sponsoring broker
  • Do a background check with the police department
  • Apply for the license online

Choose an Online Real Estate School in SC

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If you look forward to getting a real estate license SC online with ease, consider enrolling in one of the best real estate schools in Columbia, SC. They are certified to offer the 90-hour course within a stipulated time such as six months or a year.

You can learn more about the best real estate school Columbia SC by looking for additional info on the web or social media websites. Apart from the course itself, these schools also offer exam prep materials, but you might have to pay extra for this.

Set Up a Work Space for Online Classes

Now that you are ready to complete the real estate license SC online course, you need a functional workspace with reliable internet connectivity. Have a powerful laptop or tablet that you can use to access live or recorded lectures and study videos provided by the South Carolina real estate school of your choice.

These schools also offer tests at the end of each session to assess your capabilities. Take them diligently and ensure that you are preparing for the state exam as well.

Prepare for the Online State Exam

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Another important step is to prepare for the real estate license SC online exam. Reputable real estate schools in SC provide exam prep materials as mentioned, and you should take advantage of them. You should also read more resources that prep people for this exam to ensure that you pass it on the first attempt. If you don’t, you can pay again and repeat the test.

Apply for the License Online

After attending the SC real estate school and sitting for the exam, you should find a licensed broker to sponsor you as well as do a background check with the police department. From here, you can now apply for the real estate license SC online, and wait for the approval by the state.


The most important step when applying for a real estate license SC online is to complete the 90-hour course from a certified online school. The rest of the steps are easy. All you need to do is follow them carefully. With this, you increase your chances of getting a real estate license to join the thriving real estate industry in South Carolina.