Top 5 Reasons to Learn SEO in 2024

SEO or Search Engine Optimization has become the talk of the town in the world of digital marketing. There is no doubt companies need to have an online presence if they want their business to flourish.

A significant shift towards digital marketing strategies is enabling companies to drive innovation and avoid falling prey to competitors. Consumers today search online for anything they wish to purchase. Even by just spending some time on social media, a whole lot of advertisements are displayed related to our past searches. If you notice, there are some websites which always appear on the top whenever you type a related keyword. Ranking on top in search engines like Google is the result of consistent efforts put by the SEO team of that website.

On a very basic note, SEO is all about ranking high in the Search Engine Results Page (SERP) and increasing traffic to a website through organic efforts. If you want to move in the field of marketing, then avoid being left behind by learning SEO.

You may first get a misconception that SEO is easy to master; however, things are quite difficult once you start learning about it. E-learning platforms like Simplilearn are quite reliable during such times. They offer online training courses mentored by industry experts to help you learn everything about SEO from scratch. You can learn at your own pace and need not worry about taking out extra time in your daily routine.

Let us know more about SEO and the top reasons why you should learn it.

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What is SEO?


SEO has been existing for years now but is an evolving field. It refers to the practice of using certain strategies on a website that help search engines understand that it contains the most appropriate information regarding the keywords that users look for. Such strategies like writing high-quality content, including the right keywords, faster page-load speed, link building, or mobile-friendliness help in improving the ranking of a website on SERPs, and users are more likely to click on it. Rather than using paid efforts, SEO is all about increasing organic traffic to a website.

The reason SEO is still evolving is the fact that search engine algorithms, like that of Google, are updated frequently and become quite sophisticated in finding the best search results. Practices like stuffing keywords in the content or spammy interlinks earlier succeeded in achieving higher Google ranks in a short time. But today, Google algorithms are equipped with artificial intelligence and machine learning to differentiate between genuine and redundant content.

SEO is basically of two types: On-Page and Offpage SEO. On-Page SEO refers to the techniques that be applied on the webpage to improve the search engine rankings. It includes practices like writing engaging content, using different variations of related keywords, as well as improving technical aspects like Title Tags, Meta description, URL structure, and page design. Optimizing them can help in creating better webpages than your competitors. Off-Page SEO refers to strategies used outside of your website like link building. The more quality backlinks (other websites linking to your website for certain information) you achieve, the better will be your Google ranking. Other practices include promoting your content on social media, platforms like Quora, or answering on different community threads. For SEO consulting visit

Why Professionals Learn SEO?

Gaining digital skills is the need of the hour. The growing automation will make many manual jobs obsolete but at the same time create new opportunities that would require improved skills. SEO, being an important facet of digital marketing, is one such evolving field and many are trying to start a career in it.

Here are a few compelling reasons to make SEO a part of your skillset.

1. Growing demand


With the rising need of having an online presence and aggressive competition between different players of every industry, SEO has become more important than ever. From startups to big companies, SEO specialists contribute significantly to launching successful marketing campaigns.

2. A challenging job

If you are passionate about learning new things and experimenting, then SEO job is for you. It doesn’t involve performing monotonous tasks daily but finding out newer ways to increase traffic organically and implementing them. Hosting Foundry can also help you develop and grow your website, leading more traffic and sales.

3. Good career growth


When you start a career in SEO, you put your feet in the world of digital marketing which is a vast field. Working experience of SEO helps in exploring even the other aspects of digital marketing like paid search marketing, email marketing, social media marketing, and more. In short, there are good career prospects after one learns SEO.

4. You can work independently

SEO is one such trending domain which doesn’t require professionals to follow hectic working hours each day. If you are good at SEO, you can even start working as a freelancer and work on your own terms.

5. Doesn’t require any specific educational background


One of the best things that attract professionals is they don’t need to have any particular degree to enter this field. If you have the right skills and interest in the field, you can get started easily. Put your best efforts and you’ll find a job in no time.

Bottom Line

Working as an SEO Specialist can prove to be the best job you would ever get in your professional career. Don’t waste more time thinking if you should begin learning SEO. An online SEO course is all you need to get on-board. Learn from highly-qualified mentors who know the industry best practices and SEO strategies that actually work. You’ll also refrain yourself from various sources available over the internet that contain outdated information.