Top 5 Recruitment Techniques for Successful Hiring

A good company is built around a team of good employees. The hiring process has traditionally been focused on candidates trying to present themselves to their potential employers in the best possible way. While job seekers still need to put in some effort to stand out from other candidates, companies also have to market themselves as potential employers, thereby encouraging job seekers to submit their resumes for consideration.

Finding appropriate specialists and convincing them to work for the company has become the main goal for HR specialists.

Thus, the marketing and human resources departments have similar objectives: the first has to find and engage potential clients, and the latter has to search for and hire potential candidates to cover the company’s needs. Both have a mission to make the company grow and be attractive, both for clients and employees.

We would like to introduce 5 recruitment techniques that will speed up your recruitment processes and benefit your business.

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1. Create communities on social networks:

We are in the era of opening up new social channels. Commercial departments can reach customers more easily, likewise, human resources departments can show the readiness for dialogue and commitment to new technologies. It is essential to search for talents on social networks, as well as to remain active in those forums where the type of candidates we need for our organization are found.


The guidelines that are worth following:

Create or join social network groups related to the profiles you are looking for and enhance the presence of the company brand.

In terms of marketing for human resources, social networks should not just be an instrument to publish job offers, but a meeting point with the company’s employees and candidates.

To attract these candidates, you have to make the content on the social network where you position yourself go viral, providing valuable content, such as news of interest to users, interviews, information, and details about the job offers, etc.

2. Treat your candidates as if they are a lead:

For those who are not in marketing or sales, a lead is a person or company that has shown interest in the brand’s offer, requesting additional information or doing a search, etc. Or, in more direct terminology, a potential client. When a lead appears before the marketing or sales department, some efforts should be taken to discover what else the company can do to help this lead, offer actionable content and a positive experience, so that they become a customer later on.

In the recruitment process, candidates are as precious to the company as potential clients: they deserve attention, constant communication, and useful content.

We have to consider that those candidates who are recruited through a positive, personalized, and interactive experience for them, are likely to be the best employees in the future. In addition, their involvement and commitment to the company will also be greater.

For this reason, it is important to maintain constant contact, taking care of communication at every moment of the process, always in an empathic, humane, and pleasant way.

3. Apply SEO techniques to job offers:


As you know, SEO is the acronym for Search Engine Optimization. This is a series of techniques to make it easier for the content of a certain web page to be found and appear in the top positions of search engine results.

Since the main goal of job posting is to cover as many potential candidates as possible, we may apply SEO for job posts. There are several steps to follow to make your job descriptions searchable:

Choose the proper keywords, meta title, and meta description (indicating the topic of your webpage to search engines) to get more target candidates to apply and increase the visibility of your job description.

Create a relevant URL to your job opening – avoid numbers, excessive hyphens, and special characters.

Create backlinks by adding your link to various trusted websites to enhance your domain authority. Furthermore, you can enlist the link-building services of for your online growth. You’ll get a done-for-you service as you monitor the results while doing other crucial business tasks.

4. Use the voice of your employees to highlight your employer branding:

Today, employees are primary brand ambassadors and value builders. Thanks to LinkedIn, Glassdoor, Facebook, Twitter, and other alumni communities, the company’s employees can generate more value for other candidates than any other talent acquisition action.

It is logical to think that a passive candidate who, theoretically, has no intention of changing jobs will feel much more attracted to the company by listening to or reading the opinion of one of your employees, than by reading the content of a job offer.

In addition, the voice of the employees brings authenticity to the testimonials and gives real knowledge about what is the most powerful and positive thing about your company. Posting this valuable information on the right channels will grab the attention of not only your future candidates but also your clients and prospects.

5. Automate tasks with online tools:


Recruitment automation is the technology that helps companies automate certain recruiting processes, such as the initial selection of candidates, resume transfers to the database, testing, interview scheduling, and result evaluation, etc. It increases HR specialists’ productivity and, as a result, enriches the company with valuable talent profiles.

There is a number of software solutions to boost your recruitment.

Zoho Recruit is an all-in-one software for managing all the tasks of an HR department or a recruitment agency from applying for recruitment to scheduling interviews and evaluating suitable candidates. Zoho Recruit’s cloud-based system allows an HR specialist to customize many aspects of their workflow and automate tasks such as sending emails, updating interview status, and more. The online service gives a specialist quick access to reports and analytics and helps them plan the best hiring strategies.

Leadar is an online service that provides you with contact details of people who have been selected by certain parameters, like name, location, professional skills, jobs, social media profiles, and more. The search for proper candidates is performed through a vast base of US citizens. With AI techniques for data verification, the search results are expected to be accurate and complete.


We’ve described five recruitment techniques for successful hiring. By creating communities on social networks, treating your candidates with respect and attention, applying SEO techniques to job offers, using the voice of your employees to highlight your employer branding, and automating tasks with online tools you can build an effective recruitment strategy to make your company flourish.